The plant planting calendar is just a rough guide for picking plants

Plant planting calendar
For centuries, people have gained experience of the healing and nutritional value of various plants that they have encountered on a daily basis. In recent times, chemical tests have determined at which stage of development a plant is richest in medicinal ingredients. It was found that these ingredients are not always equally distributed in all organs of the abyss. At the time of flowering, as a rule, the most useful ingredients are found in flowers and leaves. The most useful ingredients at the end of the natural cycle and the change of seasons are found in the underground organs, fruits and bark of the plant. The healing properties of the plant largely depend on the harvest period. Calendars for picking plants are compiled according to this. No such calendar is completely accurate because it depends on the climate, relief and diversity of the plant world. The time of flowering in folk words depends from year to year. That is why calendars for picking plants are often just rough orientations that help herbalists, plant collectors and phytotherapists.
February-mistletoe, puree, birch fruits, pine buds
March-bark of oak and other bark of trees, bitter gourd, nettle, pear, violet, dandelion, pyrethrum, coltsfoot, burdock, poplar buds, birch buds and other trees and watercress.
April-peony, Dobrichica, hawthorn, bitter clover, bitter gourd, chamomile, nettle, violet, day and night, dandelion, oman.
May-peony and acacia flower, plantain, birch, wild chestnut, holly, hawthorn, Iceland moss, bitter clover, strawberry, chamomile, nettle, sweet chestnut, dead nettle, blackberry, lazarkin, linden, dandelion, thyme, lemon balm, bearberry grapes, lungwort, coltsfoot, horsetail, elderberry and sage.
June-marshmallow, plantain, blueberry, birch, day and night, mullein, hollyhock, hawthorn, bitter clover, Iceland moss, yarrow, chestnut, strawberry, bitter gourd, St. John’s wort, St. John’s wort, nettle, pear, blackberry, raspberry, lemon balm, thyme, may rose, calendula, wormwood, walnut, lungwort, rusoma, charuta, horsetail, cornflower, marshmallow, chamomile and elderberry.
July and August-plantain, blueberry, birch, mountain ash, wormhole, mullein, wild rose, hollyhock, yarrow, Icelandic lichen, strawberry, sage, St. John’s wort, cumin, nettle, blackberry, lavender, linden, lemon balm, marjoram, mint , walnut, wormwood, coltsfoot, horsetail, marshmallow and black marshmallow, thyme, chamomile, thistle, ant, elderberry and elderberry.
September-wormhole, mullein, wild rose (dog rose), dogwood, hops, oak bark, Iceland lichen, cockatoo, pear, lincura, mint, calendula ,. Oman, beans, wormwood, parsley, pyrethrum, marshmallow, heartworm, valerian, rabbit thorn, licorice and barberry.
October – angelica, melon, hawthorn, ijirot, nettle, lincura, dandelion, beans, parsley, marshmallow, rabbit thorn. Licorice, valerian, elderberry.
October and November-hawthorn, ijirot, dandelion, valerian,
December mistletoe.

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