The story of a brave and honest boy

The story of a brave and honest boy
The naughty boy has been harassing and abusing other children at school for years. The bad boy was an evil and corrupt soul. The naughty boy stole snacks, pocket money, school supplies and everything else from other children. The other children obediently gave their belongings to the naughty boy. The other children never rebelled or opposed the naughty boy. The other children also received beatings, swearing, mockery and insults from the bad boy. It has been lasting for years. The bad boy’s soul was corrupt and black. The bad boy didn’t really have a soul or any human emotion or anything human worth mentioning. Only human-like contours. One day a new boy came to school. The new boy was quiet, withdrawn, mild-mannered but bold. He had an honest and virtuous face. The new boy initially watched as the naughty boy insulted, beat, harassed other peaceful children, and abducted other children. The new boy no longer wanted to watch violence and injustice. The new boy immediately began defending the other children. The new boy showed courage. As soon as he saw the bad boy embarking on a new belligerent and conquest campaign against the other children, then the new boy stopped with the fist of the bad boy. And so day after day the new boy always defended the other children by protecting them from the naughty boy. The bad boy was now receiving slaps and beatings and he knew he would never be able to continue with the heinous deeds again. The naughty boy was pushed into a corner from which he never escaped again. The bad boy was destroyed forever. Both morally and mentally and physically. Justice has won. The other children realized that the new boy was their savior and hero and so it remained forever.

Life continued in harmony and peace. Slava Ukraini!🇺🇦🇯🇵💙💛

Wishes your victory comes true soon.

Cheer the Heroes, God bless all of you. Glory to Ukraine!!

Incredibly brave and strong 🇺🇦 people.


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