5 types of food that should be consumed in moderation


5 types of food that should be consumed in moderation
We normally consume 70% of this type of food in everyday use, but these types of food should be consumed in moderation / reduced.

  1. Canned tomatoes are usually coated with the toxic chemical bisphenol A. Tomato acidity causes more bisphenol A to enter the food (although canning with the toxic chemical bisphenol A can occur with any canned food).
  2. Meat products – hams, salami and turkey – mainly come from animals raised in conditions where hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors, colors and sodium nitrite (an ingredient that causes cancer) are used.
  3. Vegetable oils – Beet oil, soybean and corn oil are mostly genetically modified oils. That is why during cooking, good cholesterol in people turns into bad. The use of coconut oil is recommended. It is also recommended to use virgin, cold-pressed olive oil in salads and other dishes.
  4. Popcorn for microwave packaging is coated with chemicals to keep the fat inside the packaging. But those chemicals leak into the corn when heated. These chemicals can cause infertility, thyroid problems, cancer, increased levels of bad cholesterol – with excessive consumption.
  5. Salt is an essential spice for life. But each salt is produced differently. Table salt has almost nothing in common with natural salt. Sea or Himalayan salt has less sodium chloride and contains natural minerals (silicon, phosphorus, vanadium).



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