6 Beneficial Health Benefits Of Whey Consumption


6 Beneficial Health Benefits Of Whey Consumption
Whey is a greenish-yellow liquid. It is a by-product in cheese production, ie casein coagulation. 1 kg of cheese and 9 liters of whey from 10 liters of milk are obtained. Many dairies initially considered this liquid a waste. This precious liquid was first thrown away and then used exclusively in the form of fodder. After realizing that this liquid is a source of high-value proteins, it began to be used in human nutrition. In the beginning, whey proteins were obtained with 10-15% protein, and today it is already 90-94% protein. Today, this is the number one food ingredient in diet therapy. Whey is recommended by doctors and pediatricians because of its healing properties, although it has the power to lose weight.

  1. Strengthens immunity-proteins in this product play a major role in boosting immunity. That is why this superfood is indispensable for people after illness, the elderly and people with reduced appetite. That is why it is the main ingredient in sports and other formulas for strengthening. It is used in the production of baby food. It is a real source of protein in the diet of pregnant women, who have a third increased need for protein.
  2. Great drink for people under stress – because it secretes serotonin (hormone of happiness and pleasure) and eliminates fatigue and stomach cramps. The well-being of protein from this fluid is especially important for the elderly because it prevents osteoporosis (bone thinning characteristic of the elderly population). Insufficient protein intake in old age leads to thinning of the bones (especially the spine and thighs) that whey can compensate for (even people allergic to lactose or milk sugar) – a Boston University study showed. It cleanses blood vessels of cholesterol, removes plaque on teeth, prevents caries, regenerates and protects the liver. Whey proteins are, in addition to all the above, processed in muscle tissue (allowing for quick recovery after strenuous workouts). All other proteins are known to be processed by the liver. Whey contains all the essential amino acids (necessary for the body). Whey is a natural antiseptic because it treats inflammatory conditions of the throat and airways.
  3. Elixir for the intestines – whey therapies are known in the treatment of intestinal disorders (such as indigestion), obesity, hormonal problems, circulatory problems and clogged arteries. Contains live bacterial cultures (similar to those in fresh yogurt). It contains minerals (sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese and molybdenum), a large amount of lactic acid and lactic enzymes. Lactic acids maintain a low pH value in the intestines and destroy an excessive number of unhealthy bacteria and fungi, and a low pH also encourages peristalsis (which allows the intestines to function normally). Whey should be taken regularly (such as yogurt and sour milk), especially against bloating, indigestion, diverticulitis, colitis and chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Whey’s proteins cause a feeling of satiety because they increase the level of hormones that reduce appetite.
  4. Useful drink against inflammatory conditions and various diseases – proteins are the same as proteins in breast milk. The most well-known protein is alpha-lactalbumin. This protein is a source of essential amino acids, binds calcium and strengthens bones and teeth, lifts mood and cures depression. Whey is also made up of immunoglobulins (about 10%) and lactoferrin (about 2% of whey proteins) and play an important role in preventing inflammatory conditions. Pathogenic bacteria and fungi use iron to spread and grow. Since lactoferrin binds iron, it successfully stops the growth of pathogens. Lactoperoxidase is also a whey protein that (like lactoferrin) prevents the growth of bacteria. This is the main protein in raising immunity and protects the body from inflammatory conditions. Daily intake of whey protects the body and preserves health.
  5. Oral application – put a small or large spoonful of whey in a glass of water. Drink with every meal. This will regulate the secretion of acid from the stomach and help the colon. Whey can be purchased in liquid and powder form.
  6. Perhaps the most important thing is that whey perfectly regenerates the liver – The liver is the largest gland and the only internal organ that has the power to regenerate. Liver disease is a common cause of death, so taking care of the liver throughout life is important. The liver performs numerous, essential and complex functions in the body. It plays a key role in processing the food we take into the body. It is important in detoxifying the body, which protects against various toxins (to which the body is exposed). Chemical drugs from pharmacies, for example, burden the liver because they contain foreign and unnatural substances for the body. That is why it is recommended to consume whey in a longer time interval and in the case of longer and stronger therapy with commercial drugs. Therapy is carried out to drink from half a liter to one liter of whey daily for a long period of time (avoiding fatty foods, alcohol, cigarettes and other substances that damage the liver). It is desirable to consume fresh cow cheese in the diet at the same time for faster and better positive results. Fresh cow cheese is best eaten in the morning during breakfast on an empty stomach / stomach.

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