5 most famous and most used types of rice


5 most famous and most used types of rice
Wheat and rice are the most common types of cereals in the world. These species have been known to mankind for more than 5,000 years. Rice is the most valuable grain and staple food for almost half of the entire population on Earth. It originates from India and China. In Europe and the rest of the world, cultivation began only in the 8th century, when rice was brought by Alexander the Great from his conquests.
Rice has the highest energy value (100 grams contains 1510 kJ or 361 kcal) compared to other cereals. Rice is a dietary food and easily digestible. It gives energy quickly and has a good effect on the intestinal flora. 100 grams of raw rice contains about 12.6% water, 0.6 g fat, 6.7 g protein and 79.5 g carbohydrates. Rice is rich in starch and low in fat and protein. It is recommended to consume rice with legumes because it provides all the necessary amino acids in the body. It is rich in minerals (especially phosphorus and potassium), and also contains copper, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals. It has the most vitamin E, especially in germs, and almost all B vitamins in the shell.


The human diet for the most part should consist of alkaline foods. Therefore, it is recommended to consume rice as often as possible because rice is an alkaline grain. Rice is good for people who need to watch their potassium and sodium intake and is ideal for people with kidney disease. Rice regulates blood pressure, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, calms nerves, protects against heart disease, nervousness and complications in pregnancy. It is an ideal food for babies. However, all types of rice depend on the shape, texture, grain. They can be divided into 2 types: Indian (which includes oblong species) and Japanese (round grain).

  1. White rice – is obtained by peeling the outer shell of the grain and therefore has no nutritional value compared to other paddy species. It is most often used to prepare various types of risotto. It absorbs a significant amount of water during cooking, so it should be stirred constantly. This rice is soft and sticky after cooking. It can be an addition to meat or seafood dishes or often a stand-alone dish.
  2. Brown rice — contains an outer shell that contains extra vitamins, minerals, and protein. Therefore, brown rice is more nutritious than white rice. This rice is tougher, so it needs to be cooked longer and chewed longer. This type of rice is often added to dishes or added to soups and stews.
  3. Basmati rice – this type is mostly used in Indian cuisine. It has long and thin grains. It has a distinctive taste and smell. This rice should be washed under running water before cooking. During cooking basmati rice is not desirable to mix and cook too much. This rice is used in Indian cuisine as a side dish to spicy dishes most often with curry. It is suitable for preparing rice pudding.
  4. Jasmine rice-this type has a very pleasant smell during cooking. It has tender grains that become soft and sticky after cooking. It is ideal for serving with a variety of sauces. This rice should be washed under running water before cooking. During cooking jasmine rice is not desirable to mix and cook too much. It is suitable for preparing various types of desserts and sweets.
  5. Wild rice-has very nutritious long and black grains. The grains have the taste of nuts and a pungent texture. This rice takes about 40 minutes to an hour to cook. It can often be bought in a mixture with other types. It is delicious as an addition to salads or as a side dish to various dishes.




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