Chicken Buying Guide

Chicken Buying Guide
Reading the declaration on the packaging is important.

  1. Chicken chilled in the air — this means that the chicken is chilled in clean cold air instead of immersing in cold water (the meat absorbs some of the water). The result is juicier and tastier meat.
  2. List of ingredients – even chicken may contain a salt water solution that increases the amount of sodium and has a negative effect on the texture of the meat. Please note that nothing else is written on the list of ingredients / declaration except chicken and water.
  3. Organic chicken – animals are raised in accordance with the law on animal welfare if the packaging says “organic product”. This means that they are fed only organic food without the use of antibiotics.
  4. Free breeding – this is subject to regulations. This means that the animals had access to the outside environment for at least a part of the day, although there is no guarantee (that they were actually outside and have a living space of more than 2 square meters per individual).
  5. Chicken without the use of antibiotics – no use of antibiotics to prevent disease or increase growth. Sick animals had to be treated with antibiotics and are considered a conventional product.
  6. Chicken without additional hormones – this term has lost its meaning because the use of hormones in the poultry industry is prohibited.

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