Extremely effective 5 ingredients tea


Extremely effective tea that cures 50 different diseases
An effective, practical and beneficial tea with herbs and spices that prevents and cures up to 50 diseases. You can drink cold and hot tea and up to 3 cups a day. The effect is beneficial for the whole organism.


Tea with 5 ingredients that combines turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and honey.
Turmeric-reduces inflammatory conditions, fights cancer and helps the heart to be healthy.
Ginger-relieves migraines, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps fight cancer.
Cinnamon lowers and regulates blood sugar, treats viral infections (cold, flu, cough, sore throat).
Cardamom-prevents the formation of blood clots, maintains the health of blood vessels, cleanses the kidneys and improves circulation.


Honey is the healthiest food. It strengthens immunity, gives tea a pleasant taste and is a source of energy for the whole body.
Ingredients: 500 ml of water, half a spoon of ginger, half a spoon of cinnamon, 1 spoon of honey, a pinch of cardamom, 1/6 spoon of turmeric.
Preparation – put 500 ml of water on low heat. Add ginger and cinnamon when the water boils. Then add turmeric, cardamom. Stir. Leave on low heat to cook for up to 10 minutes. Add honey to chilled tea. It is desirable to drink tea daily and especially in the morning.


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