History of the legendary “Tea Journey” from China to Europe and around the world


History of the legendary “Tea Journey” from China to Europe and around the world
The famous “Tea Journey” began in the Chinese Kasgar (behind the Great Wall of China) and passed through the Gobi Desert to Urga in Mongolia and through Tibet to Europe. The complete Travel network had more than 9,500 kilometers. The conditions on the Tea Journey were extremely difficult. It took 6 months for tea from distant Kasgar to reach Europe.
An amazing blend of the finest teas has quite by accident become a legendary beverage. Today it is sold in tea shops around the world. A mixture of ulong olfactory leaves from the slopes of Mount Wu in China oxidizes in the sun. Lapsang and cumin teas from the Chinese province of Anhui are smoked over pine needles. The tea has a classy taste. Today it is considered an aromatic treasure. Camel caravans were then the main means of transport through impassable mountain ranges and gorges and deserts. The southern route through the Ukrainian Odessa was incomparably cheaper, but the tea lost its quality by passing through the tropical seas of high humidity. That is why traders chose to pass through dry and cold Mongolia.
The basis of transcontinental caravans (with tea from China) were two-humped camels and horses. The tea leaves were compacted in the shape of a cake. The tea was packed in clean scarves and then in the saddlebags of two-humped camels. The caravan stopped at night for merchants and travelers to rest around the campfire. Some “tea cakes” that were closer to the campfire got a pleasant smoky aroma that the traders discovered when they arrived at their destinations. The aroma of smoke was liked by buyers and tea lovers in the West, so traders deliberately made smoked tea. The tea was smoked with the help of young pine cones.


Recipe for traditional tea from an enameled teapot – pour clean water into an enamel teapot to boil. Pour this water after boiling. Pour one teaspoon of tea mixture (for one person) and one teaspoon of tea mixture for teapot into a heated kettle. Pour in fresh water. Leave for a few minutes after the tea has boiled. Pour into cups. Add sugar, milk or honey for better taste.





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