The most suitable choice of flowers for all rooms of the home

The most suitable choice of flowers for all rooms of the home
Flowers beautify every room, which also gives a special atmosphere. A beautifully shaped bouquet of flowers achieves an even greater effect. It is necessary to find a suitable flower pot and the corner of the room. For example, a small glass with violets will look extremely decorative on the table of a stylish secretary’s table, but this impression is completely lost if we place it on a large table with a modern shape.

  1. In the dining room – if there is a chest of drawers and a larger table with chairs in the dining room, then flowers should be placed on the chest of drawers in a wicker or reed wicker basket. Choose a bouquet of margaritas, cornflowers and ears.
  2. In the living room, place the flowers in a clay vase that resembles a bottle with a bottleneck. Put a few flowers with long stems and a few leaves. Combine cornflower, campanula, iris, anemone, etc.
  3. In the workroom-strict lines of office furniture and scanty furniture of modern shape will be complemented by a vase of flowers. For example, flowers in a low elongated bowl will work nicely on a desk with metal legs. Place vases with fan-shaped gladiolus or iris leaves in two opposite corners of the room. Between the flowers, nail the stems to the teeth of a special stand that is placed on the bottom of the vase. Choose brightly colored bowls in which to place roses or asters.
  4. In the bedroom — here the decor is always a little romantic. Therefore, the rose is the most suitable choice of flowers.

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