Two-month extremely effective “Follow the goat” therapy

Two-month extremely effective “Follow the goat” therapy
Science has proven that goat’s milk is actually the healthiest milk of animal origin. It is mostly used for medical purposes, especially lung, stomach and heart diseases and other diseases.
The team of doctors recommends treatment with goat’s milk even against the most serious diseases due to the encouraging results of two months of medical therapy. Doctors claim that the results of the therapy are visible after only ten days, but a complete cure is possible after 2 weeks.

Goat’s milk is most similar to mother’s milk in composition
Goat’s milk contains vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 (essential for strengthening the nervous system) and has 47% more vitamins than cow’s milk. Potassium has as much as 147% more in goat’s milk compared to cow’s milk. Goat’s milk is coated with calcium and phosphorus (minerals for bone strength) and zinc and selenium (powerful antioxidants to strengthen immunity). Goat milk has a specific linoleic acid (which is not present in cow’s milk). Linoleic acid has anticancer properties according to research. Therefore, goat’s milk should be consumed preventively against cancerous diseases. Goat eats the bark of plants, so milk is rich in silicon (a mineral with a beneficial effect on the skin, hair, nails and strengthening the nervous system). Goat’s milk should be drunk because of the abundance of oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharides have an anti-inflammatory effect by regulating the work of the intestines and due to the lack of lactose (milk sugar), which cow’s milk contains in larger quantities. Goats choose the healthiest and cleanest plants and drink pure spring water.

Follow the goat health therapy
Cancer doctors have been searching for years for a better and more natural solution, trying to find an alternative to chemotherapy. Thus, they discovered that there is this way that changes the therapy and reduces the consumption of medications and other side effects. “Follow the goat” therapy lasts 2 months. It is based on the fact that a patient who wants to solve problems should simply follow the skin in its natural environment and follow the habits of the skin. The goat that will be a role model should be at least 3 years old, although younger goats gave good results. Treatment means living in nature without electricity and electronic devices, and observing the goat’s lifestyle, including nutrition. The sick person should eat as much as possible all the plants that the goat normally eats or make teas from these plants. Drinking and tea water should be exclusively natural and spring water. Starting therapy is difficult because people feel very hungry. The feeling of hunger slowly stops after a few days and the patient slowly adapts to new living conditions. It is recommended to strengthen the meal with a natural source of protein, bananas or honey during the first days of therapy (because the change in diet is still radical). The first research says that the therapy was successful in 90% of cases of people with severe cancerous diseases. No traces of cancer were observed in as many as 74% of patients after the first 2 weeks of therapy. In 17% of patients, the number of cancerous cells was reduced to a safe level. 93% of patients who only followed the goat and chose the food that the goat chooses were saved. Treatment with this method also means cleansing the body of toxins, breathing fresh air, physical activity, connecting and living with nature and in the natural environment, and getting rid of disease.

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