9 ways to use natural botox that does not contain pesticides

9 ways to use natural botox that does not contain pesticides
Many natural products (which do not contain pesticides and other harmful substances) are excellent natural botox preparations (for example, egg whites perfectly tighten the skin, cucumber hydrates and refreshes the skin, removes fatigue, dark circles restore natural undertones and the like). Check the ingredients from homemade masks at the root of the hand palm before use. Always put masks on a clean face. Rinse with warm water usually after 20 minutes and then nourish the skin with any moisturizing face cream.

  1. Anti-wrinkle egg white mask – the mask is effective for tired skin after a sleepless night. Whisk the egg whites until the mixture is foamy. Add the juice of one lemon and half a tablespoon of oil (olive or coconut). Avoid areas around the eyes, lips and nose. Hold the mask for the first time for 10 minutes. Hold the mask longer if the skin does not react after the first application of the mask.
  2. Cucumber mask for dry skin – cut two cucumbers (or two zucchini) into rings. Arrange on face and neck while lying down. Keep the rings dry on the face and neck.
  3. Mask with starch – dissolve one tablespoon of wheat starch in half a glass of water. Pour into a pot containing half a glass of water. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the mixture thickens. Hold the mask for the first time for 10 minutes. Store the rest in the refrigerator. Repeat the procedure after a few days.
  4. Mask with potatoes – potato rings soothe the skin. Mix potato flour with water. Heat until the mixture is thick. A little honey can be added to the mixture.
  5. Mask with flaxseed – is effective for wrinkles around the eyes. Pour one tablespoon of seeds into a bowl. Pour with a third of a cup of boiled water. Stir and stir. Leave for a while before using. Strain the liquid before using the mask. Toss the seeds or add to salads. The mask is applied with a piece of cotton wool on the face and neck and especially the area around the eyes. Reapply the mask after drying the first layer. Repeat the procedure several times.
  6. Chamomile against skin irritation – wind or frost can cause skin irritation or redness. Wash with chamomile tea without sugar. A piece of clean cotton cloth can be dipped in iced tea and put on the face. Chamomile tea can also be applied over the eyes.
  7. Mask with honey and milk-honey is good for dry skin. Mix half a tablespoon of cocoa powder, honey and milk. Rinse with warm water after half an hour.
  8. Mask with orange-olive oil and vitamin C is a great combination for hair and skin care. Mix 2 tablespoons of raspberry oil with squeezed orange and extra peel. Massage your neck, face and décolleté with this mask.
  9. Mask with pear – this is a great anti-aging program, especially in combination with lemon. Mash a large pear. Mix with lemon juice. Apply the smooth mixture on your face. Put aluminum foil over the face so that the skin absorbs all the ingredients better.

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