Warm morning lemonade on an empty stomach expels toxins from the body


Warm morning lemonade on an empty stomach expels toxins from the body
Lemon is a medicinal alkaline food with a direct effect on fat cells in the body (because overweight people usually have an acidic body). By melting fat deposits, all harmful substances are expelled from the body at the same time, which leads to the strengthening of the organism and the building of strong immunity. Fat deposits are formed more by the accumulation of waste than can be removed by the body in a natural way. Toxins are deposited in fatty deposits. Lemon contains vitamin C, citric acid, limonin, iron, calcium, magnesium, pectin, bioflavonoids. It cures rheumatism, atherosclerosis, hemorrhoids but cleanses the liver, stimulates digestion and fat burning. The most important characteristic of lemons is the high content of vitamin C. Therefore, it is recommended to take lemons in the morning on an empty stomach. Lemon is a powerful antioxidant that destroys bacteria and viruses. Lemon has a sour taste but is one of the basic foods due to the reaction it causes when digested in the body. It is recommended to drink a glass of warm lemon juice every morning or eat a fresh lemon. During the day, you should drink plenty of plain water.

  1. Lemon is good for the heart – regular use of lemon juice is especially useful for people with heart disease due to potassium from lemon. Potassium participates in the control of high blood pressure, relieves dizziness and nausea because it reduces tension and anxiety. That’s how it protects the human heart. Scientific studies emphasize the importance of using lemon against various coronary heart disease.
  2. Lemon helps maintain mental health – water with lemon improves mood and relieves symptoms of depression and stress. Lemon juice works quickly and effectively and also increases energy levels.
  3. Lemon fights viruses and infections – water with lemon quickly solves throat infections due to its antibacterial properties.
  4. Lemon solves rheumatism and arthritis-lemon is a diuretic because it promotes urine production. By rinsing bacteria and toxins, lemon reduces and alleviates inflammatory conditions. Lemon relieves rheumatic pain and arthritis at the same time.
  5. Prevention of kidney stones-Lemon juice concentrate or fresh lemon contains more citric acid than grapefruit and orange juice combined. The high concentration of citric acid in the fruit helps to increase the level of urinary citrate more than 2 times without changing the total volume of urine. Thus, lemon juice therapy can be used as an additional therapy for urinary stones caused by a lack of citrate in the body. Studies conducted by the American Association of Urology point out that lemon juice can effectively eliminate the appearance of kidney stones by forming urinary citrate (which prevents the formation and growth of crystals).
  6. Lemon nourishes the skin – lemon juice has an antiseptic effect, thus reducing the number of bad bacteria (which has a beneficial effect on the skin). The juice reduces the pain caused by burns and relieves pain after an insect bite. High concentration of vitamin C affects the increased production of collagen in the skin and hair. Due to the lack of this vitamin, lower quality collagen is susceptible to damage. Increased synthesis of quality collagen gives hair and skin a youthful shine and appearance.
  7. Lemon solves headaches – lemon juice mixed with a few tablespoons of hot tea is great against hangovers or headaches. It has the same effect as painkillers.
  8. Lemon removes warts – soak cotton wool in lemon juice and put it on the nipple. Repeat the procedure several times until the citric acid completely removes the wart.
  9. Lemon relieves asthma symptoms – take 2 tablespoons of lemon juice before and after meals to relieve asthma symptoms, encourage detoxification of the body and improve overall eating habits.
  10. Lemon refreshes the breath – lemon is ideal for people who have problems with bad breath. Lemon refreshes the breath, relieves toothache and inflammatory condition of the gums. Care should be taken because the acid in the fruit can damage tooth enamel. Therefore, do not brush your teeth immediately after consuming lemon. It is always better to brush your teeth first and drink warm water with lemon or drink a warm beverage and then brush your teeth after a while.
  11. Lemon strengthens the work of the lymphatic system – a medicinal drink with warm water and lemon hydrates the lymphatic system by restoring the fluids that the body consumes every day. Side effects (decreased immunity, fatigue, loss of energy, insomnia, digestive problems, irritability, high or low blood pressure, etc.) occur when the body loses a large amount of fluid. Hydration of the lymphatic system strengthens the body’s immunity and resistance.



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