Thank you very much CNN


The CNN list of the most beautiful railway routes in Europe also includes a two-hour train journey (in Bosnia and Herzegovina) that connects the capital Sarajevo with beautiful Mostar.

Thank you very much CNN for taking into consideration my Sarajevo and beautiful Mostar.


Sarajevo to Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The road between Bosnia’s whimsical capital and its tourist honeypot, pretty Mostar, is beautiful enough; but the two-hour train journey is another level, threading below green mini mountains and ragged cliffs as it follows the emerald Neretva river. You’ll arrive in Mostar — one of CNN Travel’s favorite small towns in Europe — slightly upriver from the famous bridge, which was built by the Ottomans before being destroyed in 1993 by Croat forces and rebuilt stone for stone in 2004.



    • Dear Thotaramani,

      Yes, in this crazy and uncertain world we all live in, i also agree with you totally. Wishing you all the luck and happiness.


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