Rose petals, quince seeds and tomatoes help facial skin

Rose petals, quince seeds and tomatoes help facial skin
There are basic rules for exposing your skin to the sun:

  1. On the first day, sunbathe your skin for one hour, on the second day, expose your skin to the sun for 2 hours, etc.
  2. Outside the most active solar radiation, make trips, recreation in nature, stay in nature and the like.
  3. Between 10 and 16 avoid sun exposure. It is best to drink lemonade in the shade of a tree.
  4. Clothing is the best protection from the sun. Choose light fabrics of dense weave with as long sleeves and socks as possible. Choose sunglasses with a UV filter that 99-100% protects your eyes from UV rays. Choose a wide-brimmed hat to protect your ears, neck and face.
  5. Use oils and sunscreens with a minimum of 15 sunscreens. The packaging often says that the product is “photostable, resistant to water and sand” (baby creams).
  6. Apply the product half an hour before sun exposure and every 2 hours after sunbathing / bathing.
  7. Apply the preparations in a thick layer and evenly on the skin (because this way the SPF will be marked on the skin on the packaging). Otherwise the SPF is lower.
  8. Protect lips, eyelids and ears in particular.
  9. Keep in mind the reflection of air on water, sand, concrete, grass and snow, and the penetration of UV rays through clouds.
  10. Lubricate the skin with preparations even after sunbathing.
    The traditional Greek remedy for heat rash and burns — are rose petals dipped in vinegar. Vinegar cools and rose petals soothe sore skin.
    Quince seeds – cook 2 to 5 minutes 2 tablespoons quince seeds. Pour out the water and mash the cooked seeds in a mortar. Mix with its amount of unsalted goose fat (or lard). Use the resulting ointment daily.
    Lavender in the form of aromatherapy – add 20 drops of lavender essential oil to a cold bath. Bathe for about 10 minutes while inhaling the aroma of lavender from the bath. Fragrant lavender soothes and soothes the skin and reduces tension. Alternatively, lavender oil can be added to aloe vera gel or after-sun cream. The essential oil is a concentrate, so it is advisable to always read the instructions and warnings.
    Olive oil with boiled tomatoes – diet is important during hot and sunny days. Tomato sauce is a great choice. Boiled tomatoes are a source of a large amount of the antioxidant lycopene (which effectively protects the skin). Tomato juice or soup has the same effect. Tomato sauce is best combined with olive oil, which helps absorb antioxidants.

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