Valuable tips from our grandmothers for hair, face and eye care

Valuable tips from our grandmothers for hair, face and eye care
Our grandmothers and older ladies with a lot of life experience say that equal external care (hair, face and eyes) is important.
Hair- just like epidermis hair can be overly dry or greasy for the same internal causes. Therefore, it should be properly maintained accordingly. For dry hair, oil shampoo is always suitable, while oily hair needs an anti-dandruff agent. Dry hair does not require frequent washing while frequent hair washing is preferred for oily hair. It is desirable to brush your hair daily with a soft brush in the shape of a semicircle, which is pleasing to oily hair. Or brushing with two brushes in both hands is preferable for dry hair. Dry hair should be brushed 100 times, lifting the hair in all directions to simultaneously massage the skin on the hairy part of the head. Neither the use of shine or brushing oily hair is desirable. The appearance of hair is to some extent a reflection of a person’s general health. Hair should not be dyed if it is dull and constantly falling out or use permanent waving.
Eyes and face — are also a reflection of human health. The eyelids of tired eyes are swollen, they form swellings in the shape of dark circles and deepen small networks of wrinkles. Regular rinsing of the eyes is most desirable. Teas with rose, chamomile, buckthorn, etc. are useful. Each tea can be made as a cold or warm compress. Swelling of the eyelids is solved with marshmallow teas or mint compress. If eyelid swelling occurs regularly, a visit to the doctor is advisable. A visit to the doctor is advised if the person blinks frequently — which is mostly due to impaired vision. Oily creams are not suitable for the care of the skin around the eyes, but so-called “anti-ripe” creams. Occasionally, you should use an agent that hardens the epidermal tissue and reduces the formation of wrinkles on the face.

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