A kaleidoscope of female beauty around the world


A kaleidoscope of female beauty around the world
Many illustrated magazines (print and online format), film, radio and television often explain and tell us about the beauties and landscapes of the most remote parts of the world, but also give the opportunity to observe the characteristics of women in those parts of the world. This is how we find out what contributes to the specific beauty of women from all over the world. Some of the remedies are really special because they grow in specific climatic conditions or are a consequence of different climatic conditions.
Scandinavia countries women’s beauty- in this area are strong and healthy and rarely prone to obesity. They have strong muscles and extraordinarily fresh skin tone. The reason is the use of the sauna or steaming the body in special wooden cabins (built of wood that absorbs moisture). The high temperature was obtained by uniform pouring of hot stone slabs. However, the heat in saunas is easily tolerated due to the dry air (due to the logs from which the bathroom walls are built). The body releases all toxins during mating (and due to profuse sweating). This is followed by a shower with cold water. Sweating reduces body weight and thus eliminates the possibility of obesity.
Great Britain – is an area of ​​frequent fog, so local women have “lily and rose” skin tone. The cheeks are naturally pink due to foggy days (for the same reason that English lawns are always juicy green). Moisture contributes to maintaining the natural moisture in the epidermal tissue (which is the main condition for gentle and airy skin tightness without wrinkles on the face).
Italy-women have healthy epidermis and beautiful skin tone despite excessive use of make up. The main factors for obtaining this tone are exposing the skin to the sun and using products with fruits and vegetables. Most Italian women use orange-based creams, masks, serums and lotions. They use a lot of products with peach, cherry, lemon and various plants.
Indian women of the Indian subcontinent have an elegant posture and graceful figure even in later years. Yoga practice is the basis of building Indian style of beauty. Thus, the flexibility of the body is achieved while the face is a reflection of calm beauty and personal harmony. The result is also a complete physical and mental balance of the person. One of the popular yoga exercises – be in an upright position with your knees and feet firmly assembled. Then lean your body forward with your hands on your knees. Take a deep breath in this position and then exhale. Then contract by stopping breathing and immediately release the abdominal muscles.
Japan-Women of Japan have extremely strong, healthy and thick hair. Here the diet is most important (fish, shellfish, crabs and iodine represented in a large number of foods).
Africa and Central and South America – African and Creole women (Madagascar, Senegal, Mexico, etc.) have taut and velvety skin. Facial skin is naturally oily, but these women still apply various oils to the face (coconut, turtle, papaya juice and pulp). Turtle oil is above all rich in vitamins and the skin easily absorbs this oil. It tightens pores and keeps facial skin youthful. Avocado oil is a favorite remedy of South and Central American women. Facial skin is smooth and silky. Frequent bathing with natural massage (such as waves and sea foam) gives excellent results. The use of shark oil is also popular.
The United States and Canada are very tidy and well-groomed women. Younger women use countless manuals or enroll in so-called “glamour beauty courses” to supplement their knowledge of beauty. The programs of these cosmetic courses include physical culture and instructions for face and body care, choice of clothes and tips for graceful and natural posture. Women in this part of the world are usually slim, but they also know how to put together a great low-calorie menu. Even most restaurants offer diet menus, sugar-free and skimmed sweets, plenty of breads and pastries, low-calorie drinks to avoid obesity. Women are actively involved in sports and various activities here. One of the most beautiful ornaments of these women is soft, shiny and healthy hair. Daily brushing of hair and frequent washing of hair contribute to beauty.

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