Natural ways to “awaken” the appetite and fight anemia

Natural ways to “awaken” the appetite and fight anemia
Cases of anemia often occur during the winter months. Anemia is a disease that is often talked about even though many do not know the true meaning. It is a disease in which the blood is depleted. The blood of healthy women and men contains 4 to 5 million red blood cells. The number of blood cells is 2 to 3 million when anemia occurs. That number is even lower in extremely difficult cases.

The warning sign is the light pink color of the inside of the eyelids (instead of red).
Human blood becomes weaker during the winter because red blood cells are not stored in the blood forever. Red blood cells are constantly being created and dying and others are coming to replace them. That is why the human body constantly needs to produce red blood cells. The body can do this with diet. Oxygen is needed for the body to make good use of food and create new red blood cells. Oxygen is reduced during the winter because people spend less time outdoors and are most often indoors. Moreover, people often do not have an appetite for the food that is most needed for blood (half live meat, eggs, veal or beef liver, fresh fruit, etc.). It is estimated that during cold days about 50% of the population in urban areas and 25% of the world’s population in rural areas have anemia. If a person has no appetite, feels constant fatigue, has lips and the inside of the eyes colorless, has frequent leakage of blood from the nose, has a feeling that flies are constantly flying in front then that person is anemic. Then the appetite should first be awakened from drowsiness. It is best to start with tasty and delicious dishes.

  1. Eat half-roasted meat (the best choice is horse meat because it is rich in proptides needed to make red blood cells).
  2. Eat foods that contain iron necessary for blood (bread, lentils, spinach, peas, dried fruits).
  3. Eat parsley, lemons and oranges that provide the vitamin C needed for blood.
  4. The best remedy for anemia is vitamin B 12 (found in veal liver).

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