8 tips for proper foot and leg care


8 tips for proper foot and leg care
People who spend hours in a standing position often have problems with sore feet and damaged feet. Use effective tips to eliminate ailments or keep foot / foot problems to a minimum.

  1. Toenail file – start foot care with toenail file. Make the file stronger than the nail file on your hands. Toenails should be short and straight.
  2. The corners of the nail are dipped into the flesh — place a piece of cotton wool (using a smaller piece of wood) under the corners of the toenail every day until the nail grows over the flesh. Only then process the nails with a file.
  3. The skin around the nail is not cut – this skin should be suppressed. Use a skin removal stick if the skin is too rough.
  4. Wash your feet daily with soap and water – painkillers are useful products that contain oxygen and herbal ingredients (which refresh and speed up blood circulation). Dry your feet with a towel, especially the space between your toes.
  5. Massage your feet with special creams if you stand and walk for a long time – rub the whole leg vigorously with massage movements and then the foot. The back of the feet and heels are massaged with the palm while the ankles are massaged with the toes constantly in a circle.
  6. Massage hard skin and thickened areas with a special sponge in warm or cold water. Or rub damp skin with a special file. Dry the skin in rub lotion or cream. Cover the blisters with a band-aid or tincture from a pharmacy.
  7. Gymnastics best refreshes tired legs — rolling a roller is a great exercise. A bottle with a lid can be used. Fill the bottle with hot water. Sit comfortably and roll the roller back and forth with your feet. Then immerse your feet in cold water or spray.
  8. Remove hard nails straight with pliers and correct unevenness with a file.






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