9 tips for maintaining new pots and replanting plants

9 tips for maintaining new pots and replanting plants

  1. If you are transplanting plants from one old pot to another, then first wash the old pot with hot water and a sharp brush.
  2. If you are planting plants in a completely new pot, then first immerse the pot in fresh water and keep it that way for at least half an hour. This way, the pot will not absorb moisture when watering the plants.
  3. Secure the bottom of the pot before planting the plants. If the diameter of the pot is 6, 8 or 9 cm, then place a piece of brick over the opening in the middle of the bottom so that the round side is facing the opening. For larger pots, pour a handful of gravel or a handful of fine stone sand over such a piece of tile.
  4. When removing the plant from the pot, be sure to avoid damaging the veins accepted for the walls of the pot. Turn the pot upside down and lightly tap the edges of the pot from the table. Repeat the procedure several times as needed. Transplanting plants will be easier if the veins are branched – because water the plant abundantly before transplanting.
  5. Carefully separate the main root vein from the tile at the bottom of the saxophone. Pull out the spent soil clinging to the veins. Afterwards, loosen the soil (in a layer whose thickness corresponds to the length of the plant’s roots) over the tiles at the bottom of the pot. Place the plant on top, holding the plant so that the roots are not damaged. Fix on all sides with fresh soil of a certain composition.
  6. The veins should be completely covered with soil, but the pot at the opening should not be completely full but have a distance of at least 1 cm.
  7. Under the pot you need a coaster or saucer in which to pour water / retain excess water when watering the plant with water.
  8. Always throw away excess water from watering. In the first days, water the transplanted plant through a grid with small holes, but not abruptly so that the soil does not compact.
  9. Keep the transplanted plant out of the sun’s rays for several days.

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