How Italian film beauties were found

How Italian film beauties were found
It is known that American cinema and the whole of Hollywood has movie divas and beauties from all over the world and regardless of age. In the first years after the Second World War, European cinema was in a kind of reorganization. Neorealist films were made on the Italian streets at that time, which did not consider beauty and appearance, but acting talent. Neorealism has slowly lost its audience in Italy over time. Film producers then devised ways to attract viewers in Italy and around the world. A beautiful woman has always been attractive, so the producers decided to put as many beautiful women on the movie screen as possible.
It was no longer the experience of the actresses that mattered, but the beauty and positive external impact on the audience and the wider audience. The beauty hunters visited all the places in Italy where the “miss” elections were held. The year 1946 is considered the happiest year in Italian cinema. Many beautiful girls applied for the “Miss Rome” pageant. Their names didn’t say much but their beauty left a strong impression on film producers. Among the beauties of that time were Silvana Mangano, Gina Lolobrigida, Eleonora Rossi-Drago, Maria Cannale, Luccia Bozze. Somewhat later, on a beach in Naples, Sofia Schiccolone was chosen. Rossana Sciaffino later became a “Miss” on the beach in Genoa. Silvana Mangano, who was elected Miss Rome in 1946, did not have to compete for the title of “Miss Italia”. She has already been hired for the film and the lead role in “Bitter Rice”. Eleonora Rossi-Drago, Gina Lolobrigida, Luccia Bozze and Maria Cannale appeared before the jury. Lucia Bozze becomes “Miss Italia” dox in the other 3 beauties were her companions. The Italian film Eager for Beauty has nevertheless hired all 4 Italian women who will soon spread the fame of Italian beauty around the world. Experimenting with beautiful women in Italian film is becoming the rule.

Beauties from all over the world come to Rome to pursue a film career. Many women manage to achieve a film career and then go to all world cinemas. Sofia Schiccolone or Sofia Loren appears among new faces and even slightly threatens the positions of older competitors. Sofia Loren shows exceptional film talent and thus denies the opinion that a beautiful woman cannot have other talents (except artistic talents). Sofia Loren, just like her predecessor Silvana Mangano, is achieving success in Italy and around the world. For many women of foreign descent, Italian film has provided film novice fame and recognition. That’s how they got their first film roles. Among these names, the most famous are May Britt, Martha Thoren, Anita Ekberg, German actress Elke Zommer, … etc.
Italian film is enjoyed all over the world today. Italian film has achieved an extremely high artistic level, but it still owes its penetration of foreign markets to its own beauties. Italian film between the two World Wars did not have an audience even in Italy, while today Italian cinema is one of the world’s leading cinemas. Every Italian film guarantees viewers that they will enjoy interesting content and top acting teams. Thus, the beautiful women of Italy played a significant role in Italian and world cinema.

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