Tips for maintaining your favorite men’s fashion accessories: hat and tie

Tips for maintaining your favorite men’s fashion accessories: hat and tie
Many women are not indifferent if they see that the button has fallen off their brother’s or father’s or partner’s shirt or there is a stain on the clothes of their son, grandfather or a dear male family member. Some of the favorite fashion accessories include a hat and tie.
Hat maintenance – the felt hat should not be brushed against the hair but with a soft brush in the direction of the hair. It is recommended to iron the hat twice a year under steam pressure. It is recommended to wash the hat in the public laundry once a year. The leather band with which the hat is trimmed on the inside should be washed often (especially if there are traces of sweat). Otherwise, grease can break through the felt and damage the felt and the outer decorative strip. Leather tape at home should be carefully washed with hot water or gasoline (away from heat sources). It can be sprinkled with talcum powder which extracts fat. Apply baby powder in a thick layer and leave for a few hours. Then remove the powder with a brush.
You can refresh the ironing tie if it is in the correct condition. Place the iron upright and cover it with a damp flannel cloth. Carefully press the creased areas to avoid creases on the tie. You can give the tie dry cleaning from time to time. Although many greasy stains can be removed at home. Sprinkle the stains with plenty of chopped tailor’s chalk or powder. Leave for a few hours and then remove the powder with a brush. It is always better to have fewer ties made of quality material than dozens of different ties made of crumpled material. It is not recommended to wear the same tie for several days in a row. Always carefully align the space under the knot when tying a tie in a knot. The fabric will tear less at the site of the knot if the knot is tightened more.

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