Ukrainian artist Alexander Sikaliuk sells NFT (with the genes of Ukraine) to help the Ukrainian people

Today’s life goes hand in hand with the constant development of new technologies. This is how the new idea of ​​Web3 is developed, which changes the “WWW” (World Wide Web). Web3 is based on blockchain technology. It includes the economy associated with tokens. A new NFT art (a new 3D hype of the virtual world) has also emerged. NFT or non-fungible tokens means a digital medium that represents real-world objects (music, artwork, in-game items, and videos). Non-fungible tokens are bought and sold online, often in cryptocurrencies. They are encrypted with the same software as many cryptocurrencies. NFT is essentially a unique creation and a small art in digital form with unique identification codes, or “one of a kind” (for example, a person buys valuable art in virtual form). Many artists choose NFT art which is becoming another way someone’s work can be used for charity. Many NFT artists sell virtual works of art and raise money to help victims of the war in Ukraine. The creations of NFT artists from Ukraine are starting to be bought en masse, mostly for humanitarian reasons. Ukrainian artist Alexander Sikaliuk thus created NFT works of art in order to raise funds for the Ukrainian army and people.

The NFT creations of this artist are animations of bottles that contain the genes of Ukraine, ie plants and flowers that grow in Ukraine and represent the DNA of the country. bottles of wheat, sunflowers, poppies and cornflower.

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