5 tips for storing and cleaning books

5 tips for storing and cleaning books
Books should not be deleted every day, but maintained from time to time to preserve their original appearance for a long time.

  1. Mix egg whites and vinegar. Use this mixture to clean book covers. Then rub the wrapper with a deer cloth but without pressing.
  2. Stains on the cover of the book are best cleaned with mild soapy water. Crush a little soap and add almost cold water. After cleaning with soapy water, wipe each book with a linen cloth. Apply the procedure with vinegar and egg whites.
  3. Stains on book pages are perfectly cleaned with a mixture of water and residual vinegar. Absorb the stain well with paper.
  4. Oily stains on the book are well cleaned with the middle from a slice of bread. Stains disappear if you rub each stain with a small piece of soft bread.
  5. A silk cloth is the best way to remove dust from books.


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