7 useful uses of lemon in the household


7 useful uses of lemon in the household
Lemon is a universal fruit, so the fruit, peel and juice of lemon are used in medicine, cosmetics and household.

  1. Half a slice of lemon for later use – if you have half a lemon left then just wrap it in thick foil. Lemon will retain its aroma and freshness for several days.
  2. Lemon that stays in the bowl for a long time – an older lemon will be fresh if you put all the lemons in cold water for a few hours.
  3. Lemon is often used in the decoration of sweet and savory dishes. Perhaps the best option is lemon in combination with olives, parsley and pieces of tomato.
  4. Lemon juice refreshes kitchen towels and sponges for cleaning the home-in a liter of water add the juice of one lemon. Dip a sponge / cloth in this mixture several times. Then wash the cloth with plain tap water. Dry.
  5. Lemon effectively solves moths – arrange a few lemons on a rope. Stick cloves into lemons. Keep in the closet with clothes.
  6. Lemon juice solves black spots on zinc items-dilute lemon juice with a small amount of water. dip a cloth in this mixture. rub black zinc stains vigorously. then wash items under running water.
  7. Tip plus-tired legs after a long walk solves lemon. Rub your feet with lemon juice or half a slice of lemon. You will feel instant relief.


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