Japanese diet with bananas and hot water


Japanese diet with bananas and hot water
Dietary diets are suitable for cleansing the body of toxins but also the loss of excess body weight. This diet is based on the principles of the Japanese Hitoshi Watanabe who lost 18 pounds over several months. Hitoshi replaced the usual breakfast with bananas and hot water. That is why this method is also called the “Morning Banana Diet”. The whole method is based on the advice of pharmacists and scientific knowledge discovered during research in preventive medicine.
The combination of bananas with room temperature water speeds up metabolism. The user can eat any food during lunch and dinner during this diet, but he will still lose weight. It is recommended to use semi-ripe bananas because they contain resistant starch that gives a feeling of satiety. The process of burning fat therefore becomes about 30% faster than using traditional methods. Room temperature water promotes digestion and helps reduce feelings of hunger. Morning diet with bananas means that a person should immediately eat raw bananas with a glass of warm water at room temperature, but that the person then does not eat anything until lunch (around 12 o’clock). Bananas contain resistant starch that actively promotes weight loss. Resistant starch passes into the large intestine where the fermentation process begins. It contributes to the production of short-chain fatty acids that are food for the colon. Thus, they contribute to the health of the gastrointestinal tract. There are no rules other than for a person to eat an amount of bananas until a feeling of satiety is created. The Japanese have an 80/20 rule because they believe that every person should never bury their stomach with food. Eight parts of a full stomach reflect a person and two parts are maintained by doctors. That is why many people eat 80% of the food from the plate and return 20% of the food. Bananas are healthy because they contain potassium and give a feeling of satiety. The morning banana diet restricts alcohol intake and is an excellent anti-cellulite remedy.
Basic rules of the morning diet with bananas

  1. Drink a glass of warm water when getting up to start the metabolism. Wait half an hour before eating bananas. Another banana can be eaten if the person is still hungry after half an hour. Bananas should be fresh but not ripe enough.
  2. Lunch and dinner are common meals. Never eat to full satiety but give up with the feeling that one-fifth of the stomach is free. The optimal time for dinner is around 6 pm and no later than 8 pm. If a person feels hungry after an early dinner then some fruit or raw muesli with yogurt (or cheese) can be consumed. Exclude desserts during lunch or dinner. Eat fruit instead of sweets. Drink room temperature water in small sips. Drink coffee, tea, squeezed juices in between meals. Do not drink any beverage for half an hour after a meal.


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