Quantitative limit of use of some foods

Quantitative limit of use of some foods
Excessive consumption of certain types of food can cause a latent outcome. “All things are poisonous and nothing is without poison. Dosage alone makes a substance non-toxic, ”says the ancient Greek pharmacologist Paracelsus.

  1. Water – we know that the minimum daily dose of water is 2 liters for an adult. Scientists say that 6 liters of water a day is an overdose because the kidneys do not have time to expel this much fluid from the body. The result is swelling of the internal organs, brain edema and mortality.
  2. Salt – approximately 1.5 to 4 grams is the daily allowable salt intake for an adult. Just 6 tablespoons of salt a day (including table salt) is enough for the outcome to be fatal.
  3. Sugar – Doctors say that 2 kilograms of sugar is enough for the outcome to be deadly.
  4. Tea and coffee – only 15 grams of coefficient is a lethal dose. It is approximately 50 to 90 cups of coffee or tea depending on the health condition of the person and the strength of the beverage. The risk of complications is higher for people who have cardiovascular diseases. The mixture of coffee and carbonated drinks is also very dangerous and a healthy heart will not stand it. Tremor, vomiting, tachycardia and hypoglycemia are the most common symptoms of coffee poisoning.
  5. Chocolate – Most chocolates contain a strong stimulant of the central nervous system (theobromine). Nausea and diarrhea are symptoms of chocolate poisoning. Approximately 10 kilograms of chocolate is a lethal dose.
  6. Apples – Nothing will happen if an adult eats 18 apples. But the outcome is deadly if an adult eats apple seeds that contain toxic cyanide.


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