6 amended basic rules for the use of cosmetics


6 amended basic rules for the use of cosmetics
Most women know the basic rules of using cosmetics. However, it is not bad to find out some additional rules for using creams, lotions, masks that remove traces of fatigue on the face after half an hour and the like.

  1. Lotion-Using lotion refreshes the face. Wrap a small wooden shovel with a piece of cotton wool and moisten it in lotion. Lightly tap the outlines of the oval face and the area below the chin. This will activate the muscles on the face and stimulate blood circulation. This way you will make the most of all the benefits of the lotion.
  2. Water – Cold water is very useful for relaxed facial muscles. It is also advisable to shower the face with cold water. Pour cold water into a spray bottle. Straighten the water jet on all parts of the face. This can refresh the face after a long and hard day.
  3. Chamomile on the face – the beneficial effect of a compress with chamomile tea. It achieves a particularly good effect on tired eyes. Put a light-proof mask over the compress. The effect of chamomile is thus enhanced. Hold the mask for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Blackheads on the back – blackheads on the back and shoulders are easier to remove if you regularly rub your back and shoulders with a brush.
  5. Mini gymnastics of the back and neck – applying cream / lotion on the back and neck is not easy, but these movements also massage the muscles in that part of the body and on the chest.
  6. Eye skin massage – this procedure requires caution because it is the most sensitive part of the face. The risk is lower if you use a nourishing anti-age and vitamin cream for this sensitive area of ​​the face.


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