8 predictions about the way of life in (not so far) the year of 2030

8 predictions about the way of life not so far 2030
At the Congress of the World Economic Forum, representatives and experts discussed the possible way of life not so far away in 2030. Representatives and experts from various fields have concluded certain predictions on this topic.

  1. Buying products is disappearing and products are becoming a service business – buying things in 2030 will be a thing of the past. Until then, the world will solve the problem of clean energy. People will borrow things instead of buying various items. Drones will deliver rented items to people. Human movements will be constantly monitored. A large number of dissatisfied citizens will live outside the cities. These people will not have the same benefits as the people in the cities. That is why global society will be strictly divided.
  2. There will be a return of nation-states — instead of one dominant superpower the world will have a return of nation-states. Several countries will have semi-imperial tendencies (United States, China, Germany, India, Japan and Russia).
  3. Organs will be printed – due to advanced technologies (self-driving cars, personalized medicine, etc.) there will be far fewer accidents and the need for surgical interventions. No one will die waiting for organ donors because the necessary organs will be printed. Organ transplantation will slowly disappear.
  4. People will eat much less meat — meat will not be the basis of the diet but will become a rare delicacy as it once was to our grandparents. Food will generally be redesigned to be healthier and less harmful to the environment.
  5. Today’s Syrian refugees (whom many people view with suspicion) will become company directors — highly educated Syrian refugees will enter adulthood. The economic integration of people fleeing homes (for a variety of reasons) will become important especially due to the fact that almost a billion people will leave their homes due to climate change.
  6. Populism is growing – the biggest threat to Western democracies will be growing populism, but also the idea that the majority population in society should be treated better than the minority – warns Kenneth Roth (CEO of Human Rights Watch).
  7. People will be more ready for a new life on Mars – scientists will discover by 2030 the ways in which people can be healthy during long space travel. When humans come to Mars they will very likely discover evidence of the existence of life outside of Earth — says Ellen Stofan, NASA’s chief scientist. Orbital Assembly Corp. announces plans to build two space stations that would also contain space to accommodate tourists. Pioneer Station should start operating in 2025 and could accommodate 28 visitors, while the slightly larger Voyager Station should open its doors to visitors in 2027 and accommodate 400 people.
  8. Colonization of other worlds is possible – Space tourism has been a serious project for years. This could make the exploration of cheap, easy and safe space travel self-financing and cost-effective. Stephen Hawking is not the only one to be the first to warn that humanity will die very soon if it does not go into space.






    • Dear Thotaramani,

      Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, the whole world is changing day by day. We can not do anything since that’s our reality now plus exploring/living on other planets. Wishing you a lot of successes and very best,


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