Lucky Bamboo plant is desirable to have in the corner of each room

Lucky Bamboo plant is desirable to have in the corner of each room
The ancient philosophy of Feng Shui considers the plant “happy bamboo” magical because it protects the family, removes evil and evil intentions of people, and attracts happiness, money, prosperity, good fortune and prosperity to the home. Placing pots of happy bamboo in the corner of every room in the home – brings prosperity and positive energy.
Bamboo is a plant from the tropics of the lily family. Bamboo is also a fairly hardy and hardy plant and ideal for keeping indoors.
The ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui believes that bamboo is actually a medicine because it reactivates the stagnant energy of the home. Lucky bamboo is good to keep in the home (east or southeast corner of the room) and in the work area. Bamboo can also be kept in the southern part of the living room but it is important that the bamboo is in the corner of the room. It is advisable to keep bamboo in the room where people stay the most or even in every room of the home in corners directly exposed to solar energy. Use gravel or small stones instead of the usual soil.


    • Dear “picpholio”,

      Yes, agreed totally. Unusual but beautiful plant. Just need a lot of sun, when is possible. Thanks a lot for your comment. Wishing you many successes and a lot of happiness.


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