Home-made natural deodorants


Home-made natural deodorants
The effect of natural deodorants is healthy and effective. You can make these preparations according to your own taste and raw materials from the kitchen.
Solid lavender-lavender deodorant and baking soda have mild disinfectant effects. Starch has an absorbent role. Olive oil and wax nourish the skin. Rosemary and lavender give a wonderful scent to this natural deodorant. Look for a solution of rosemary and lavender in olive oil or essential oil of lavender, tea tree and the like. It is important to find a plant that disinfects and smells nice (like lavender and tea tree).


It is necessary
1 dcl of olive oil (lavender and rosemary dissolved in the oil)
3 tablespoons baking soda
3 tablespoons wheat starch
5 to 10 grams of beeswax
Pick lavender and rosemary leaves. Use dried lavender and fresh rosemary leaves. Keep in the sun in olive oil. Aromatic oil (macerate) is obtained, which is used to make deodorants. The scent is very refreshing. Strain 1 dcl of this oil and heat the oil slightly. Add a small amount of wax. Add baking soda and wheat (or cornstarch). Pour into the dozer.


Deodorant to your liking – combine this oil with ingredients to your liking. To make, prepare baking soda, cornstarch and olive oil (or coconut oil). Supplements that increase the effectiveness of natural home deodorant are: vitamin E (acts as a preservative, the most suitable oil is squeezed from a vitamin E capsule bought in pharmacies), essential oils (some antimicrobial-bacteria cause odor after sweating) -like sandalwood, lavender, lemon and neem. Cinnamon, clove and thyme oils work great but can cause sensitivity, zinc paste (can be purchased from any pharmacy, and contains 25% zinc oxide, powder and Vaseline, has an extremely antimicrobial effect because it solves acne, rashes heals wounds). It will make good use of a small supplement of absorbed deodorant that increases the effectiveness of natural deodorant (because all people lack zinc). In a smooth metal or ceramic bowl, mix: a quarter cup of baking soda (all contain certain amounts of aluminum except Dr. Oetker baking soda), half a cup of cornstarch, 2 tablespoons olive or coconut oil, 2 to 3 drops vitamin E (oil), essential oils tea tree, lavender, lemon or neem oil), 8 drops of lavender and 3 drops of sandalwood, up to 10 cm of zinc paste. Mix everything well and make sure the mixture is not too thin. The thicker the mixture, the harder it is to lubricate and the greater the effect. Do not add more than a few drops of essential oils. If burning or redness occurs, then the amount of baking soda should be reduced – adjust the ratio with starch 1: 2 or even 1: 6. This deodorant does not relieve people from sweating but releases an unpleasant odor after sweating.


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