7 tips for more proper use of laundry detergent


7 tips for more proper use of laundry detergent
The laundry detergent is always marked with the number of washes and the amount of detergent required for each laundry. However, it is preferable to use a smaller amount of detergent (than the written amount) with each laundry. This saves electricity, water, clothes, drain and washing machine.

  1. More detergent means white stains on clothes.
  2. More detergent means faster damage to clothes
  3. More detergent causes thinning of clothes
  4. Excess detergent just falls off the wardrobe, so the drain clogs faster. More water is used when washing clothes.
  5. Clothes will not smell better when using more detergent.
  6. Place fabric softener and laundry detergent just below the “maximum” mark. Excess detergents can clog the outlet of the container and create an unpleasant odor.
  7. Large excess of detergents (fabric softener) laundry no washing machine – can not completely wash.


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