Carrot juice is better and more effective than carrots

Carrot juice is better and more effective than carrots
Vitamin A is necessary for the proper functioning of the body’s defense system, cell differentiation, maintaining eye health, vision process (especially at night) and other important functions. This vitamin plays an important role in the body. Vitamin A deficiency causes disorders, eye diseases, susceptibility to infections. Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain large amounts of provitamin A and carotenoids maintains the body’s defense mechanism against cancer. Vitamin A also acts as a defensive shield against viruses, bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms. Animals produce vitamin A from plant dyes carotenoids Only 50 different carotenoids (out of approximately 600 different carotenoids) can be converted to vitamin A in the human body. These 50 carotenoids are therefore called provitamin A. Carotenoids can be stored in body fat for weeks and only if needs are converted to vitamin A (as needed at that time). That’s why people can never take too much provitamin A (carotenoids) from plant foods.
The biggest sources of vitamin A from carotenoids are carrots, green cabbage, spinach, red peppers and apricots.
Vitamin A from animal sources travels to the liver where it accumulates. The body extracts this vitamin from the liver as needed. Finished vitamin A is found only in foods of animal origin. The richest sources are liver, liver sausages and fish. Fish liver oils are a particularly rich source. This vitamin belongs to a group of several vitamins that are toxic if consumed too much. Prolonged excessive consumption is manifested by some symptoms (dry skin and especially around the lips, dandruff and headaches). Then you should stop consuming and reduce the dose so that severe liver poisoning does not occur. Recommended daily doses of vitamin A range from 2,700 to 4,000 international units. Excessive consumption can lead to fetal damage in pregnant women who should not take more than 5,000 International Vitamin A units from a variety of sources. Care should be taken as vitamin A deficiency can also cause damage / deformation to the fetus.
Vitamin A deficiency is most often manifested by changes in the eyes. One of the main functions of this vitamin in the body is the production of visible purpura (pigment) -rodopsin. The role of rhodopsin is to maintain vision and adjust the eye to twilight and darkness. The earliest subjective problem of patients with hypovitaminosis A is the weakening of vision at dusk, and for that reason this deficit is called “night blindness of the eye”. Another symptom of eye deficiency of this vitamin is xerosis (a disease of the eyeball where they lose moisture and become dry and inflamed, visual acuity is reduced). Vitamin A deficiency causes susceptibility to infections and anemia (vitamin A is needed to make hemoglobin) even if a person consumes enough iron.
Fresh carrot juice contains beta-carotene which can be converted into vitamin A (if needed) and other carotenoids. In fresh vegetables, carotenoids are in the cells, so they cannot optimally reach the body through the walls of the intestine. Carotene is best absorbed from juice or cooked carrots because the cell walls are destroyed so carotene is released. Carrots (juice, fresh carrots or boiled carrots) should be added a little oil before consumption — because vitamin A is fat-soluble.
Beta-carotene and some other carotenes are converted into a toxic compound in the presence of cigarette smoke. Therefore, they can produce damage to the body. This is because research has shown that carotenes can worsen some symptoms in smokers. This means that a person who smokes cigarettes should choose the so-called ready-made form of vitamin A and not carotenoids. Pregnant women, on the other hand, should not eat liver or take tablets containing vitamin A for the first 6 months. In contrast, carotenoids are healthy in pregnancy.

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