16 tips to avoid fatigue during the day and be full of energy

5 tips to avoid fatigue during the day and be full of energy
Small victims who initially ask us for specific and described activities – in the end they are still worth the effort because they give results. These activities slowly turn into a daily routine that is no burden.

  1. Waking up 10 minutes early-getting up 10 minutes early in the morning is very useful. The day should start without the nervousness that is otherwise inevitable as soon as we open our eyes in the morning. Morning stretching helps to “drive sleep” out of all limbs of the body.
  2. Open window near the bed-lying near the open window, take a deep breath several times, alternately pushing and pulling the abdomen. These movements relieve the heart, stimulate the intestines and refresh the body.
  3. Then rest for 2 to 3 minutes with your eyes closed. This way you supply the body with energy all day long. Calmly and soberly in a supine position, think about all the next activities during the day.
  4. Repeat daily routine – repeat this series of movements throughout the day if you have the opportunity. It takes about 10 minutes for all the described movements. That little break will definitely be a new refreshment.
  5. Rubbing the body with a dry and sharper glove – rub the body with a dry and slightly sharper glove. This stimulates blood circulation, which contributes to the refreshment of the body. You can do this at will and in a supine position for less fatigue.
  6. Rest-rest stretched out without a pillow but with slightly raised feet. To relax tense muscles, just cross your feet, lean your back on the back of the couch and lightly massage your temples. A person will rest their feet the fastest if you put a pillow under your bent knees.
  7. Shower-Replace the usual morning shower (or rubbing with a sponge) with alternating showers (or washing with a sponge), alternating with cold and warm water.
  8. Face-like maintain facial care. After washing with hot and cold water, just lightly wipe your face with a towel. Apply a thin layer of quality cream to the skin. Thus, fat and moisture will penetrate the skin, which contributes to the skin being taut and elastic.
  9. Mild make-up at the same time beautifies and protects the skin from dust and dirt, which is especially important if a person is constantly outdoors, on roads, urban areas among asphalt and concrete.
  10. Coffee or tea on an empty stomach – coffee or tea on an empty stomach unnecessarily upsets the stomach and stomach. Any breakfast according to your wishes and needs is desirable. The human body needs less food than appetite. Try to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Digestion begins with the first bite of food. Indigestion occurs if a person has a bitter discussion or rush while eating. Every indigestion is reflected on the face. The skin on the face will soon be dirty and dull.
  11. Rest after a meal – a mini break after each meal is recommended. Just a few minutes of resting in a lying position or sitting in an armchair is enough. Or stand by the open window for a few minutes, breathing in the air evenly and deeply.
  12. All these tips help to keep the person calm, thus resisting all possible convulsions and problems during the day.
  13. Evening walk – walk in the evening (before bed) for at least 15 minutes regardless of the weather. Such a walk does not require any special preparations as it can be reduced to a few circles around the home / house. Repeat the morning breathing exercise before bed but be persistent until you feel mental and physical refreshment.
  14. Moisturizing the face – put a compress moistened in warm water on the carefully cleansed and cream-coated face. Excess fat will be removed from the skin as the compress gradually cools. This process will provide the pores with uninterrupted breathing during the night.
  15. Open window – a wide open window during the night ensures an influx of fresh oxygen and a peaceful and restful sleep.
  16. Unresolved problems and worries will not be easier and less if you deal with them in bed. A new day brings new solutions but that is why that day needs to start with new strength.


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