Enjoying simple pleasures (or Hygge lifestyle)

Enjoying simple pleasures (or Hygge lifestyle)
A Danish word that does not yet have an adequate translation but in short means: enjoying simple pleasures. This concept, adopted by the Danes in the 18th century, is a fundamental part of Danish and Scandinavian culture in general. It encompasses an overall lifestyle based on simplicity, peace, warmth, good health and happiness.
One of the hygge rules for creating a pleasant ambience is the introduction of textures into the living space, especially natural materials (wood, stone, wool). Hygge style eliminates unnecessary furniture and clutter of any kind that can cause stress.
The word that is roughly pronounced as “hue-gah” does not have an accurate translation in English but is most often characterized as “comfort” and “togetherness”. The main idea of ​​the hygge style is to create a quiet, peaceful space, free of unnecessary decor, excess things and clutter that can be the cause of stress (as scientifically proven). The essence is to create a protected and intimate space for the whole family, friends and everyone in the family. The decor is kept to a minimum so that the family dives into the comfort of spending more time with people and not objects. The Hygge concept is often associated with the winter ambience because of the location where it originated. Still, the hygge concept can be enjoyed all year round. Hygge alphabets in one place are: warm natural materials, various textures, pleasant lighting, minimum furniture and maximum enjoyment. Neutral and pastel colors contribute to the atmosphere of harmony and serenity.
There are simple tips on how to make a hygge lifestyle in any home:

  • Surround yourself with dear people and family
    -be present and grateful
    -enjoy the little pleasures
    -Don’t get stressed as much as possible
    -respect your own natural environment
    -find a new hobby
    -Organize a barbecue and party for more loved ones
    -Enjoy reading
    -Sleep one hour longer when possible
    -remember other small pleasures that make you happy.
    7 tips for creating a hygge atmosphere in your home
  1. Neutral color schemes – the color scheme for the decor of any home should not be too strong because the colors contribute to the atmosphere of harmony and peace. A neutral color palette is important for creating a relaxing atmosphere. The use of pastel colors (such as light shades of gray, brown and cream) will create a pleasant space for all residents of the home.
  2. Pleasant atmosphere-comfort is the key thing for hygge decor. One way is to decorate with soft pillows and natural materials. Comfortable and fabric-covered seating boxes or a deep frame under the window can be filled with pillows. It is a good place to sit and relax.
  3. Candles – get candles. It is a tried and tested method that Scandinavians use a lot in their homes. The soft glow of various candles creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere.
  4. Complementary light and additional light bulbs – it is not a problem to have double lights in the home because they look great and bring joy to every home. They can be used in all rooms (children’s room, living room, bedroom, etc.) additional light bulbs and light give a discreet and pleasant touch to the overall home design.
  5. Fireplace – gathering around an internal or external fire is an important part of Scandinavian culture, but also a reflection of the universal and primordial need for light and heat (especially internal). The fireplace is an essential element of hygge decor and a perfect gathering place. The choice can be an original fireplace or a modern version of electricity or gas.
  6. Additional texture-introducing texture into the living space is a great way to add liveliness and warmth to an otherwise minimalist Scandinavian design. This is achieved by including warm and natural materials (wood or wool) in the decoration. A similar effect is given by small multicolored flowers in small vases or pots.
  7. Create a spa-style bathroom – add a little glamour to a bathroom that can easily be a place to relax, rejuvenate and rejuvenate. Try to have plenty of hidden space (for storage to avoid clutter) in the bathroom. Candles are also popular here for extra enjoyment.

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