14 species of animals from nature have unusual and special talents


14 species of animals from nature have unusual and special talents

  1. The Golden eagle (lat. Aquila chrysaetos) has eyes similar to human eyes and can see a mouse accurately from a distance of more than one kilometer. A person with very sharp eyesight and a larger mouse at a distance of 500 meters is just a vague spot. This magnificent sharp-eyed bird, like all heroes, has an Achilles’ heel. The eagle needs a lot of light to see really well. This is why it often leaves empty claws and beaks during cloudy weather.
  2. Thanks to infrasounds with vibrations lower than human hearing (the human ear cannot hear sounds below 20 Hz), elephants can communicate even at a distance of several kilometers. Research says that elephants, otherwise the largest land mammals, speak mostly in this inaudible way, and messages that especially alert to danger are often sent here and there by sound. Namely, they kick the ground hard, creating vibrations that other elephants feel and read even at a distance of more than 50 kilometers.
  3. Dolphins also observe and hear in unusual ways. These cute marine mammals emit ultrasounds that they can hear and with which they can clearly see a school of fish even at a distance of 100 meters.
  4. Owls have perfect hearing. They also hear the most careful movement of the mouse at a distance of more than 100 meters. This is due to the round flattened head that acts as a “satellite dish” and amplifies all sounds. The owl’s right ear is slightly higher above the left ear, which allows perfect recognition of lower and upper sounds.
  5. Flies have the most important organ of taste – legs – overgrown with thin hairs on which are the cells that send a signal of a tasty or tasteless possible “meal”.
  6. The basic building material in the construction of anthill anthills are pheromones. Termite coats a lump of earth made with the released pheromone. So he invites other family members to follow his example.
  7. Butterflies also use pheromones that sense up to 10 kilometers. Butterflies find a partner and of course provide offspring.
  8. The great white shark can feel blood even at a distance of several kilometers. This ferocious sea killer has a nose armed with odor-sensitive capsules. The capsules work as a super-equipped laboratory that constantly informs the shark about the distance of the potential victim.
  9. Bees do not notice the red color, but they notice ultraviolet rays very well.
  10. A lynx sees 6 times better than a man in the dark.
  11. The rattlesnake feels the warmth of living beings due to the thermal eyes located on both sides of the head slits. This venom is able to sense a change in temperature of only 0.003 degrees at a distance of 45 centimeters, so it does not matter whether the snake performs day or night hunting.
  12. Spiders hear and see their own victims because of their legs covered with thin hairs that turn in all directions and record the flow of air. To spiders, even the slightest vibration is a sign that a meal is nearby.
  13. A distant relative of the European mole is the star-shaped condulura and has a very bizarre appearance. This animal is one of the most unusual living creatures. The nose resembles a sea urchin and has 22 tentacles is the most sensitive organ examined so far. Even stranger is that this pink creation is not used for smell but for touch. The condulura feels vibrations because of this organ. So he finds worms and earthworms deep in the soil.
  14. For the little frog (Phyllomedusa distincta) epidemics of any disease are not a problem. The skin of this frog secretes a natural antibiotic that kills any bacteria that can attack the frog in the Amazon swamp where this species of frog normally lives.


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