The magic formula for eternal youth is not pure fantasy

The magic formula for eternal youth is not pure fantasy
The simple rule is that the effort and proper and timely care in later years will pay off many times over. The famous Polish beautician Hellena Rubinstein used to say “an ugly woman does not exist but only a lazy woman.” These words are hard to dispute today. Many agree that beauty comes from within and is not conditioned by the year of birth in the birth certificate / baptismal certificate. A beautiful youthful appearance is not just a matter of the skill of plastic surgeons. If each person makes an effort in time and follows a few basic rules of good looks – then in the sixties, eighties and other years, a smile will be without ugly consequences (in the form of deep wrinkles and sagging skin).

Entering the 20s marks the right time to establish a strategy and accept the rules that guarantee the preservation of velvety and bright skin and shiny hair for a long time.

  1. On the threshold of entering the thirties, every person should adopt as an imperative a thorough cleansing of the facial skin every morning.
  2. Washing should be completed with cold water. The face should be cleansed with lotion to remove excess fat accumulated during the night. This excess fat can otherwise clog pores and cause acne on the face.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to go to bed with makeup. – Remove makeup with milk or gel. Wash and cleanse face with lotion (or tonic for dry skin). Only then apply face cream on the face.
  4. Don’t squeeze acne and pimples on your face at home. Improper strokes can damage the skin and cause scarring and inflammation.
  5. Thorough facial cleansing in a beauty salon once a month is recommended from the age of 30. If the skin is clean, it can be used less often. Apply all aids for quick drying of acne and acne and skin regeneration only in those places.
  6. Choose cosmetic products regardless of the beauty of the packaging, advertising or fragrance, but according to your own needs.
  7. It is always wise to seek the advice of a dermatologist and beautician before buying and purchasing a cosmetic product.
  8. Even people with impure skin should periodically hydrate their skin. Choose non-greasy preparations without oil. Choose a liquid powder labeled “oil free”.
  9. Hair can be washed daily but only with one shampoo with a very mild shampoo.
  10. Peeling the body twice a week with a mild agent. This will remove dead cells and strengthen circulation.
  11. With the number of years, the need for additional care of the face, skin, body and hair multiplies.
  12. From the age of 30, apply anti-cream every night and in the morning on the sensitive area around the eyes. Once or twice a week (depending on skin type) do a mild peeling of the face, neck and décolleté. Then apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream. Use moisturizer regularly throughout the day. Dermatologists also recommend a cream with a protection factor of 15 during the winter.
  13. Drink 2 liters of water regularly. Start the day with a glass of water to drain the body and hydrate the skin after sleep. The skin will be more beautiful and the body tighter if you take turns showering with cold and warm water.
  14. From the age of 30, regular and professional facial massage is an excellent investment.
  15. Today, women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and older are very attractive in accordance with their age. Include neck skin care cream in the preparations to achieve the maximum positive effect. With a gentle massage from the chin to the shoulders, apply a quality nourishing night cream to the neck and décolleté every night.
  16. Take 5 minutes each night to massage your face. Apply night face cream and massage the face with light movements and pinching starting from the middle of the face up and down, left and right. The skin will absorb the product better and be better circulated, which is a condition for beautiful and radiant skin.
  17. Four times a year, set aside time and money for intensive anti-aging therapy if you have the opportunity. Use physical activity (yoga, pilates, tai chi, stretching, aerobics) or walk for half an hour every day.
  18. All these tips help keep the body lean and the skin taut and elastic.

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