The popular term “empty calories” has just that meaning

The popular term “empty calories” has just that meaning
The popular term “empty calories” means foods that provide almost no nutritional value other than calories. Such foods are expertly said to have a high energy content and low nutrient density. Yet without water and food there is no life. Food provides the energy needed to maintain vital functions and restore all types of physical activity. That’s why calories mean life. However, in addition to calories, it is necessary to take in minerals, vitamins, proteins and phytochemicals. One should know that calories cannot be used properly if we do not ingest other valuable nutrients. For example, B vitamins are important helpers in releasing energy from food. Most foods give people more than calories. For example, one egg had 80 calories but was also a source of essential amino acids, iron, zinc, and boric vitamins and phytochemicals. There are also foods that give the body only calories. One tablespoon of sugar has 50 calories and no valuable nutrients other than sucrose. That’s why sugar is an ideal example of “empty calories”.
Alcohol is food, medicine or poison. Because it contains a specific energy value, it is included in food. One gram of alcohol contains 7 calories. However, alcohol contains empty calories in the true sense and is often called “antinutrient”. Alcohol directly interferes with the absorption or use of nutrients in the body.
“Empty calories” are not unconditionally bad, but the fact is that few can afford them. For example, a young woman who consumes 1,800 calories a day should carefully choose foods to eat to meet the needs of all vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. I, that is, all the elderly, are in a more difficult position. My energy needs are lower while my vitamin and mineral needs are higher. It seems that only young athletes can sometimes use empty calories. Their energy needs are quite large, they can meet all nutritional needs and there will be room for “clean energy”. The group of foods with “empty calories” includes sugar, various snacks, spirits, sweets, and sweet and carbonated drinks.

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