Vegetables and fruits other than flowers can be part of a flower arrangement on the table

Vegetables and fruits other than flowers can be part of a flower arrangement on the table
Many housewives have a constant question about decorating the table before the celebration or before the festive table on the occasion of the holiday. There are traditional bouquets of flowers, fruit pots on the tables, arrangements of dried flowers, candles and flowers and similar common decorations.

  1. Arrangements of vegetables, fruits, fruits, flowers in unusual pots decorated with ribbons can be cute and original and very decorative.
  2. Arrange five to six long blue eggplants around an ordinary deep glass (or jug) and tie with a rope. Add a few more flowers to the glass to make it look attractive.
  3. A very elegant decoration of the festive table can be champagne glasses, blackberries, a bouquet of mini roses, a few decorative pumpkins and young onion stalks. Make a vase out of colorful decorative pumpkins. Cut off the upper dome. Carefully dig it out. Stick a few flowers in vivid colors. Add ivy branches. Place on a colorful plate. Arrange mini peppers in various colors around.
  4. A green apple (or pumpkin) will be a very nice decoration next to a plate. Prick several flowers, branches and peppers of the same color into the apple. Add a toothpick with paper with the guest’s name on it.
  5. Five to 6 narrow tall glasses will have a great effect. Arrange the glasses side by side. Alternately place the flower and leek and rhubarb in the cups.
  6. Everything you have in the home and that is appropriate can be used for similar arrangements. Look around you and make the most of your imagination.

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