It is best to lie down and curl up if you are surrounded by a pack of aggressive dogs

It is best to lie down and curl up if you are surrounded by a pack of aggressive dogs

  1. Why a dog attacks humans and cats- A dog has some instincts and needs that can make it aggressive even though it is a faithful friend of man. A dog attacks if the territory is endangered, the offspring or its owner or that dog. Every dog ​​will react to unknown circumstances that threaten his physical, mental and genetic integrity. The dog’s most personal corner is the place where he sleeps and rests. The dog is extremely attached to the habitat. The dog will chase the cat if the cat crosses that territory. A dog will attack a cat because it is not used to living with a cat, so it will do the same to a human.
  2. Dog and territory-the dog has a place where it feeds and performs physiological needs. In this space, the dog should not be disturbed or denied the opportunity to explore, get to know the environment and establish a relationship with other dogs and people from that environment.
  3. Dog in the mating season – it is quite normal for a dog to show aggression in the mating season to protect the territory where it breeds, an individual of the opposite sex, especially the offspring after they are born.
  4. Dog and other unpleasant circumstances – through unpleasant emotional circumstances can cause dog attacks and dog aggression – pain, fear, suffering, boredom and stress. The dog wants to maintain a sense of security. The dog will then defend itself if it realizes that this feeling is compromised. This reaction is aggressive but justified.
  5. The dog usually does not come into the world already aggressive – if this happens then it is a psychological disorder of the dog. You should know that there are types of dogs that have a tendency to show a lower or higher dose of aggression. This should be stated in the pedigree and register of Kennel Clubs. The Pit Bull Terrier is the species of most dangerous dog. According to the rules, he cannot have a pedigree, which means that the breeding of these dogs is prohibited. Owners of these dogs should be neutered even if there is no indication that this dog will ever show aggression. In most cases, a man is to blame if this dog bites someone. The pit bull should have a leash, a basket on its snout and always be with the owner. If people use these dogs as fighting dogs then pit bull terriers become dangerous and irritable. It is forbidden to teach a dog to take part in dog fights.
  6. Dog aggression may be justified in some cases – dog aggression is justified only if the dogs are intended to guard property, some protection or escort. Then the dogs perform training or training schools in which they are trained to attack, among other things. These are official dogs.
  7. Attacks of abandoned dogs – people seem to attack abandoned street dogs for no reason, although this is not the case. Stray dogs are mostly used to humans. The dog will only react to an unknown person who is injuring its territory. These are usually timid dogs that have a bad experience. These dogs are sometimes taken to dog shelters for short stays. A special examination was performed there. Veterinarians and veterinary clinic staff provide a clinical health picture of the dog, and temperament ratings. Highly social dogs with an acceptable temperament are neutered and returned to the streets. They usually get bracelets or bindings with numbers because experts guarantee for these dogs that they will not hurt / attack anyone. Dogs with unacceptable temperament and, depending on their health condition, are treated, sent to a social shelter for socialization, or begged or euthanized.
  8. The encounter of a man and an aggressive dog-dog generally warns before attacking a man. He begins to growl, raises his upper lip, pulls his lower lip down, pushes his ears against his head, and presses his tail against the back of his body, which lowers slightly. The cause of current aggression may be fear of a stranger. In dogs living on the streets and in public places, the cause of aggression and attack is mostly provoked by some very fast movements (starting a bike, turning wheels, pedals or raising or lowering feet. Dogs experience this as running away from prey because they are predators. gossip already turn slightly and walk away.The probability of the dog attacking is less and less as the distance between man and dog increases.The dog should not be looked directly in the eye as it perceives this as a threat and a call to fight.You can show dominance if you are not scared.Dog is accustomed to obeying commands and a sharp and loud command will suffice.If you are surrounded by a pack of dogs then it is best to lie down and curl up as the dogs will eventually give up the attack.
  9. In many countries of the world there are special preparations for such unpleasant events, although care should be taken with application. For example, a dog kesher is acceptable for dispersing dogs. It produces ultrasound of 25,000 Hertz and above and operates from a distance of 6 and a half meters. The dog hears these sounds extremely well, unlike humans.
  10. Domestic dogs can be aggressive even though these dog owners / people are constantly petting and watching them. The dog will have an instant defensive reaction (for fear of injury) if the man recklessly stepped on the dog while resting. Possessive sinfulness occurs if you touch a dog’s toys because the dog is defending its own property. He can be jealous of other pets and an unwanted guest even though your dog is otherwise peaceful. It happens that the dog is irritated by something outside (the barking of another dog, external sounds), so he shows that aggression on one of the housemates. People should receive antitetanus (so that the wounds do not become infected) if the dog is regularly vaccinated against rabies but for some reason bites the man. Take the dog for a temperament assessment (or a specialist to prescribe rehabilitation therapy for the dog) if the bite on the man is repeated. In the world, tranquilizers are used (as for humans) but properly dosed, and pheromones (natural preparations in a spray that have a calming effect and restore the dog’s sense of security). The dog sometimes remains so aggressive that it can endanger the life of the owner despite the attempt to socialize the dog. Then the dog needs to go to some boarding house or the only cure is euthanasia.

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