Eco-friendly jeans are an excellent protection against UV radiation and for all times and all generations

Jeans pants are for all times and all generations
Former clothes of gold diggers, farmers and workers are today an indispensable part of the business / casual wardrobe of both sexes, regardless of age and social status. This garment marked the 20th century. It gained planetary popularity. The fact is that for a long time now, fashion newspapers and the fashion revolution will not be able to “retire” jeans.
Today there are jeans pants of all colors, patterns and models. There are still classic models but models that outline the body line, with short and long legs, colorful, solid color, wide and narrow and many others. 1873 Levy Strauss patented the invention. The jeans of that time cost 25 USA Cents. Today’s models are in favor of all tastes and pocket. There are also jeans made of cotton, sewn with old hand machines or new ones, but also pants made of hand-woven jeans that cost up to several thousand US $. Jeans never cease to inspire fashion connoisseurs and all creators and lovers of fashion events.

A record $ 25,000 was paid by Levy Strauss for late 19th-century jeans found in a mine in Colorado in 1997. Also known is the case of U.S. retired U.S. judge Ray Parson in 2007 who filed a lawsuit against a dry cleaning store in Washington. He demanded compensation of 67 million dollars in the name of mental pain because his favorite jeans were damaged. These are the most expensive paid jeans in history. Jeans were not only anti-fashion clothing and clothing of the rebels, because from the beginning of the 21st century he proudly appeared on opera stages. Tenor Antonello Palombi (as a replacement for the booed colleague Roberto Alania) dressed in jeans appeared on stage during the performance of Puccini’s opera “Aida”. Jeans change and evening gowns. The fact is that jeans should be protected from harmful solar radiation with clothing. Swiss experts from the Triemli Clinic in Zurich conducted a thorough examination of more than 500 ways of sun protection. They concluded that jeans and wool effectively protect against the harmful effects of UV radiation. A report published in the Lancet reminds that the increase in malignant skin diseases is on the rise. They claim that jeans protect much better than linen and other cotton fabrics. Their tips include wearing a jeans hat, not going out in the open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., regular use of high-protection products, and making clothing items (at least some of them) be jeans. English scientists from the University of East Anglia (Norich) claim that phthalocyanine can be an excellent tool against cancer. Phthaloquianine is normally used to dye jeans. The results of their research from the beginning of 2000 say that this substance is very sensitive to the sun. Activated by laser beams, it attacks and destroys some types of cells (including cancerogens). The mentioned substance is much less harmful than the substances used in therapy. Therefore, it is believed that this discovery will be a big plus in medicine. Jeans pants have not become medicinal, but they are certainly included in organic products.
Jeans clothes got a blue color from indigo, ie an extract obtained from the leaves of the Indigofera plant. This dyeing process has been known for millennia. Modern industry, on the other hand, reaches for a synthetic pigment that does not pollute the environment. The jeans phenomenon is still free of environmental stains. We owe that to researchers at the University of Palo Alto in California. They discovered that dyeing jeans is possible with the help of genetically modified bacteria Escherichia. Only American teenagers have as many as 7 jeans on average. This way of dyeing jeans is faster, economically and completely environmentally friendly, so it is a real relief for our already sufficiently polluted planet earth.

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