The concept of living “slow living” is possible and sustainable

The concept of living “slow living” is possible and sustainable
Many people have already noticed the term “slow living” which is current among recent trends. This is a kind of philosophy in which the way of life is in harmony and balance where people live slowly and at a given moment give their own maximum. This concept is holistic and timeless and a former natural way of life. Today it is different due to the rhythm of the modern age and the emergence of new technologies and trends. It is basically a calm and calm pace in which stress is reduced to a minimum. People adapt to the challenges of everyday life in various ways and maintain common sense. The main guiding thought of slow living is to be present and enjoy the moment as much and as well as possible. Slow living can include everything from slow eating meals, slow walking, vacation planning, hobbies and the like. Slow living is not a privilege for people who do not have a job (family or other obligations) but can be used by literally all people. This method originated from the concept of “slow food” which emphasizes local and traditional cuisine instead of fast food.

  1. Slow living is focused on more targeted time spent
  2. Conscious involvement of the person in the activity
  3. Slowing down the pace of life gives priority to the common good and true pleasure
  4. This does not mean living slowly and postponing obligations, but performing activities at a slower pace
  5. Life experiences that pass quickly are forgotten, so this concept is ideal for collecting memories of past events.
  6. For example, during exercise, let your thoughts wander or completely disconnect from other obligations. However, take the time to fully notice the movements you perform and feel while exercising. Add yoga and meditation to your exercise schedule because they slow down the rhythm but give great results.
  7. For example, during business commitments, constant meetings, notifications and stories with colleagues at work are not encouraged because meaningful results are not achieved in full. Constant busyness does not mean the best productivity. Slow living in a business environment means focusing on results and eliminating the hectic pace of the day.
  8. It is decent to know how to say “no” and be protective of free time. This means that a person can learn to live and deal with certain victims. Different obligations often come in handy and at the same time things simply have to be given up for a higher goal. Limiting the time on the screen or smartphone contributes to freeing up time for other stimulating activities that bring joy and happiness.
  9. Slow living means anti-materialism. Get to know yourself and do activities that bring personal happiness and joy. Get rid of everything superfluous. It really takes little for every person to feel happiness and inner peace .. slow living means making decisions that are intentional without following the majority or completely agreeing with popular news. This leads to the rejection of excess and less consumption.
  10. Organized people often have a feeling of anxiety because this organization can cause anxiety if events do not go in the desired direction. Slow living therefore means accepting uncertainty and the fact that life is short and unpredictable.

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