15 tried and tested tips for a cleaner home (and furniture)


15 tried and tested tips for a cleaner home (and furniture)

  1. Cleaning wicker furniture – wicker furniture (cane, wicker or rush) is excellent for cleaning with water diluted with lemon juice.
  2. Cleaning armchairs and chairs – do not throw away beer cans. Mix the rest of the beer from the bottom with a little water and clean all the chairs and armchairs.
  3. Shine on lacquered wooden furniture – put a kilo of bran in a nylon sock or gauze bag. Immerse in a pot of water. Wash all lacquered wooden furniture with this liquid. Then rinse with clean water. Wooden lacquered furniture will get its original shine.
  4. Cracks in furniture – can be closed by inserting yellow (beeswax) wax into the cracks. Then straighten the wax with a heated pen.
  5. Furniture polishing agent – pour a glass of wine vinegar and a glass of oil into one bottle. Shake it. Once a month, coat the furniture with this liquid to restore shine and radiance to all pieces of furniture in the home. Then dry everything with a soft cloth.
  6. Furniture with wax stains – cover these wax stains with a piece of absorbent paper and brush several times with a warm iron. Wipe with a cloth dipped in turpentine. Finally rub with furniture polish.
  7. Maintenance of marble on furniture – marble is installed in many kitchens or other rooms. Marble pieces of furniture should be refreshed from time to time. Rub with a fine mixture of salt and lemon.
  8. Rub the maintenance of the marble floor with wine and a cloth soaked in white fruit vinegar. Marble poves will shine. Dry the floors with a woolen cloth.
  9. Moving heavier furniture – no need to ask for help or take items / clothes out of the closet if you want to move the closet. Place a piece of felt under each leg (corner of the closet) and put a piece of linoleum on that piece again. Thus, each person can move the furniture independently without fear of scratching the floors.
  10. Dried parquet on the floors – over time, cracks are created between the parts of the parquet due to drying of the boards. Dust and dirt inevitably settle in the cracks. First you need to remove all impurities from the cracks. Then fill the cracks with paste of mixed glue and sawdust of oak wood. When the mixture dries in the crack, then level the parquet with steel wire. Then coat the parquet with special wax or varnish.
  11. Window cleaner – add one tablespoon of vinegar to a pot of water. The windows will sparkle if you use this washing mixture.
  12. Traces of paint on window panes – after painting windows, there are often traces of strong paint that are difficult to remove. Smear the edges of the window with half of the onion (or vinegar) before painting. The paint will be easily removed later.
  13. Maintenance of carpets and rugs – in addition to the usual cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, it is sometimes good to clean the carpets with a clean cotton cloth dipped in a solution of water and vinegar. Wipe in the direction of the hair on the carpet.
  14. Carpet with strips – the strips on the ends of the carpet often get dirty and messy. This is easily avoided if you lightly rub the strips with a light starch solution. Place old newspapers under the tape so that the floors are not damaged.
  15. Twisting the corners on the carpet – stick a triangular piece of choke or felt on the back of each corner of the carpet. Or if you already have a rug with twisted corners — then turn the rug upside down and pull over the bent ends with a damp sponge and then an iron.



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