The bonsai tree (or Pet Kings) should never be lonely

The bonsai tree (or Pet Kings) should never be lonely
Once separated from the nature of the bonsai tree should never be lonely. Man should always give this plant attention and time and patience, and the plant will reward man with unconditional beauty. In the German city of Heidelberg is the European Center for Bonsai Art. Germany is the first country to bring this bonsai dwarf tree skill from Japan. There is a belief that bonsai originated in Japan but actually came to Japan in the 13th century or a thousand years after its origin in China. The size of the space should be adjusted to the size of the tree because the wood in the small pot, the pot (in which it grows) is actually tormented. Plants are more adaptable than humans, so individual bonsai trees can live up to 3,000 years of age (as much as 3 times larger than a tree in nature). A bonsai is a tree 15 to 75 cm in size. The name bonsai comes from 2 Japanese words (bon-pot and sai-tree).

It first appears in the 19th century. The bonsai tree was practiced by the highest social strata (kings, emperors) in Japan and China, as opposed to ikebana (the art of arranging flowers), which was practiced by all strata of society. The bonsai root is believed to lie in miniature medicinal plants carried by Chinese healers. It arose from the need to be closer to nature. Today, there are over a million bonsai people in Japan alone, and it has spread to the whole world.


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