The rose is a great flower for memory, but beauty and friendship

The rose is a great flower for memory, but beauty and friendship
The rose flower in many cultures is a symbol of love, passion and beauty. In ancient times, women wanted skin as soft as rose petals. That is why they started using the rose in beauty treatments and for the preparation of cosmetic preparations. Today, modern cosmetic companies regularly include roses in the production of preparations and perfumes. Petals are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins C, E and B and flavonoids. All these ingredients have a beneficial effect on the skin, strengthening the structure, giving moisture and softness, regenerating cells and preventing the aging of the epidermis. That is why treatments with rye oil or water are popular today in beauty centers around the world. Fortunately, the benefits of this plant can be enjoyed at home.
Rose oil is great for body and face massage because it has a natural anti-aging effect.
1.Home rose oil: put 250 g of rose petals in a bowl. Pour in 125 ml of almond oil. Close the container and leave for 15 days in a warm place. Then strain the oil. Use the oil only for massage or add to creams that you normally use. Five to 6 drops of oil are enough for a 50 ml cream.

  1. Relaxation bath-in a tub of warm water pour 1 liter of whole milk, a few drops of essential oil of rose and 2 to 3 petals of fresh rose (preferably). Stay 20 minutes and gently massage the body with a sponge while staying. Then massage moisturizing milk or lotion (into which you have added a little rose oil) into the whole body in a circular motion. The skin will be soft, fragrant and hydrated and the feeling will be relaxed and fresh.
  2. Water with rose is an excellent tonic for tired facial skin – add 3 to 4 rose petals to a liter of boiling water. Leave for 15 minutes on low heat and add a few mint leaves towards the end. Allow to cool and strain in the morning. Use the tonic in the morning and evening in the usual way.
  3. Pack for face that softens the skin and relieves redness – in a deciliter of water, cook 50 grams of rosehip. Dip a piece of cotton wool into the chilled beverage. Put on face and hold for 20 minutes.
  4. Rose has an internal effect for the beauty of the skin – drink 2 to 3 decilitres of tea (boil a few grams of rose petals in a deciliter of water). Rose petal tea improves digestion and has a beneficial effect on the skin.
  5. Drink with rose is especially pleasant during summer days – put 50 g of rose petals in a liter of water. Cover the pan and cook for 5 minutes. Strain, the juice of one lemon can be added to the drink.
  6. The scent of a rose has a beneficial effect on memory – Swiss scientists have discovered that the scent of a rose has a beneficial effect on memory and brain function. This discovery was published in the journal Science. They sprayed a scent of rose under the nose of a group of respondents every day for several months before going to bed and learning / exams. Respondents who were sprayed with rose scent were shown to have 15% more memory than other participants.


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