Changes in the behavior of pets can be due to separation from the owner

Changes in the behavior of pets can be due to separation from the owner
Both humans and pets can have behavioral disorders but with different causes. The most common reasons for changing the behavior of pets are annoying and uninspiring environments and fears (common in dogs and cats).
Pets do not mind too closed and cramped space (especially if the owners take good care of their lives and health). Animals usually suffer from possible separation from the owner. Then there is a feeling of great sadness and fear of separation. The animal becomes too upset with constant barking, whining, howling, meowing and the like and bites or interferes. Destructive reactions are also manifested due to bringing new animals into the home, the arrival of a baby or some guests. Dogs and cats say that a certain home is just their territory, and they even urinate indoors. A number of these disorders can be secondary.
The owner needs to recognize the problem with the pet
The animal should be taken to a veterinarian and the cause of the change in behavior determined. With a medical examination, organic diseases will eventually be ruled out. The vet will determine that an emotional change has occurred and the mental disorder is being removed. Psycho-pharmacological therapy is given there. For these purposes, the same psychoactive drugs are used (only adequately dosed) as in human medicine, but on an outpatient basis so that abuse does not occur. It is good to apply behavior correction with classic dressage where very good results are achieved by applying a reward / punishment system. Then the living space is enriched with various details and stimulants (characteristic of the habitat of that species). For example, toys or other useful items are used. This social enrichment also means a change in the owner’s behavior towards the pet.
Of all, pheromone therapy is the most acceptable
There are soothing pheromones secreted by all mammals. Based on the chemical structure of these natural materials, synthetic spray analogues are then made. They are used for preventive and therapeutic purposes. They are especially effective in veterinary conditions where the feeling of fear and anxiety in pets is very pronounced and when transporting animals.

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