Ordinary or modern shower enclosures are both beautiful and practical


Ordinary or modern shower enclosures are both beautiful and practical
Today on the market of water-materials there is a large selection of shower cabins (square, semicircular, rectangular with a shallow or deep tub, with single or double doors, for one or two people and the like). Shower enclosures are convenient because they take up little space. The cabin walls should be wiped after each use. The sides of the cabin can also be dismantled and plastic curtains installed instead of doors. Curtains come in a variety of colors and designs and once destroyed they can easily be replaced with new curtains.
Many consider the shower to be impractical for children and the elderly, but this is not an unsolvable problem. It is enough to place a plastic chair for a child or an adult with limited mobility. There are a large number of models with various lighting, fan, radio, MP player, CD and telephone connection, but also with a computer massage pole, foot massager or steam sauna.
The standard height of the shower enclosure is 185 cm, the doors are accordion or sliding doors, the wall thickness is 3,4,5 and 8 mm, depending on the model. They can be ordered online or with a catalog, but also with individual orders / changes, ie according to the wishes of customers. The so-called “hamamdzik” (Turkish bathroom) was the forerunner of today’s shower cabin. It was a corner in a room with a “wet knot”. This antique shower enclosure model was pardoned by the Ottomans and brought to the part of Europe they conquered (the Balkans). People used to live in family cooperatives in the Balkans, often in one room, so they did not have the opportunity for this kind of luxury. It was bathed on certain days and on the outdoor field, even in the middle of winter. The only source of heat was a well-heated stone slab on which people would stand with their feet on the slab. However, technology has advanced so much that even once primitive shower cabins have led to perfect cabins.
Suggestion Do It Yourself: However, many people who have a yard will want a natural shower environment even on hot summer days. It takes a little mastering skill to set up an old water heater and can also use some old water heater painted in black in which the water heats up quickly in the sun’s rays.


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