10 types of drinks and their caloric weight

10 types of drinks and their caloric weight
Excess calories can be avoided and thus prevent another way of gaining extra pounds of body weight. The caloric value of beverages is important to people who use a diet or watch their intake of excess calories.

  1. One cup of cappuccino has about 96 calories. The number of calories is 140 if you add 2 small spoons of sugar to a cup.
  2. One cup of unsweetened coffee has only 2 calories. If you add a few drops of milk to coffee then it has 110 calories. Each additional spoonful of sugar increases the number of total calories in a cup of coffee by 20.
  3. One deciliter of milk with 2.8% fat has about 64 calories. The same amount of full-fat yogurt has about 80 calories while yogurt labeled “light” has about 30 calories.
  4. One can of 3.3 dcl tonic has 105 calories. The same amount of coca-cola or orange-drink has over 130 calories.
  5. One cup of iced tea has about 34 calories.
  6. One glass of squeezed orange juice has 33 calories, grapefruit juice has 30 calories. Two decilitres of industrial fruit juice from the store has about 120 calories.
  7. One cup of hot chocolate has about 250 calories and with the addition of whipped cream it has about 300 calories.
  8. Alcoholic beverages contain higher amounts of calories. One glass of 1.25 dcl white wine has about 90 calories. The same amount of sparkling wine has over 120 calories and red wine about 95 calories.
  9. One bottle of 3.3 dcl beer has about 115 calories.
  10. Each glass of spirits (whiskey, rum, vodka, cognac) has about 100 calories.

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