Black truffles contain a mixture of amino acids that have the effect of botox on the skin and substances that block the production of melanin on the skin

Black truffles contain a mixture of amino acids that have the effect of botox on the skin and substances that block the production of melanin on the skin
The easiest way to try white truffles is to grate the mushroom over fried eggs
Unsightly mushrooms that grow underground are even sold at auctions. These are rare mushrooms that are difficult to find, which determines the price, which is higher than gold. A few decades ago, an 852-gram truffle (found in Tuscany) was sold at auction in London for US $ 52,000, although this price is not a record. The record price was reached by a white truffle weighing 1.2 kg, which was sold at Christie’s auction for 95,000 US $ to an unknown gourmet from Hong Kong. Truffles are not an invention of modern culinary masters. his mushroom was used and known to the Sumerians. They added the mushroom to dishes with chickpeas and lentils. And the ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians knew truffles by giving this mushroom miraculous powers. Truffles were called “devil’s food” in the Middle Ages, but they were part of the court table thanks to stories about strange properties. Probably these stories are the reason why Cahterine Medicci brought truffles to the French court as a dowry. Alexander Dima called these mushrooms “the holiest of all the decorations on the table”. The mushroom gained aphrodisiac power thanks to boars. Boars would chase unstoppably after sows after digging up and eating truffles. People noticed this and so the truffle became a famous mushroom. According to this legend, the mushroom originated with the appearance of the pig.
The fungus grows under the ground in symbiosis with the roots of oak, beech, chestnut or other deciduous trees, which determines the color and taste. White truffle (Tuber magnatum) has a slightly sweet taste. It is a favorite mushroom in Italy. Black truffle (Tuber uncinatum) has a harsher taste and is a favorite mushroom in France. These precious mushrooms were once believed to be made “when lightning strikes a tree”. They are used fresh cut into thin sheets or grated. 40 to 50 grams is enough for 4 to 6 people to sweeten the palate. One gram costs about 150 euros, so few people can even try this mushroom.
Truffles contain water, fiber and mineral salts that are absorbed from the soil through the roots of the tree. The shape of the fungus depends on the soil in which the fungus grows. Truffles are smooth and round if the soil is soft. Truffles have a lot of knots and a rough shape if the soil is hard with a lot of clay. It is useful to use specially trained dogs to harvest these mushrooms. In some countries, pigs or bears are also used (in Russia). Mushrooms are collected from September to the end of December exclusively during the night. The most famous and most appreciated are black and white truffles although there are still about 100 species around the world.
The Italians and the French greatly appreciate this type of mushroom. Thus, there are fairs, exhibitions and shops with various foods to which truffles have been added or only truffles are sold. There is also a Truffle Museum in the Italian city of Sienna.

There is a saying that “poor people gather truffles and rich people eat truffles”. These mushrooms are a frequent target of thieves due to their high cost. Italian truffle gatherers have started chipping mushrooms and monitoring truffle habitats via satellite. It is a kind of protection against thieves. Connoisseurs say that truffles should be collected in pieces and fresh. The mushroom should be firm and compact and never rubbery. The mushroom should be wrapped in paper and placed in a glass jar. Thus it can be maintained for several days at temperatures of 2 to 4 degrees. The magic of truffles does not end with a pleasant taste in the mouth.
Truffles are also present in beauty salons
These mushrooms are also popular in beauty salons. Two reputable cosmetic companies have offered preparations with truffles. Although there is no recipe for eternal youth, the companies state that due to the use of their preparations with truffles, the skin will be young and beautiful. Black truffles contain a mixture of amino acids that have the effect of botox on the skin (and botox removes wrinkles on the face) as well as substances that block the production of melanin on the skin. Preparations with this fungus are effective in removing age spots and spots caused by sun exposure and hormone disorders.
White truffle is the easiest to try grated on fried eggs. The ideal way to try both black and white truffles is to bake an omelette. Put a small spoonful of black truffle in the omelette. Bake for one to two minutes. Then grate some white truffles over the baked omelette.


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