A break from work is mandatory because the brain rests a lot

A break from work is mandatory because the brain rests a lot

  1. The myth is that the lunch break is used only by people who do not like to do work. There is a break because the human brain needs a break even when it is most crowded. If a person does not have a break or regularly skips breaks, then he is constantly tired and his concentration is very weak. The break can be half an hour, but it is necessary for the brain to rest, because the worker will then do the job more efficiently.
  2. The myth is that all people need to climb stairs to succeed even if it means doing various and boring jobs. It is true that success is subjective. Each individual creates their own definition of success. Yet happiness and contentment are often part of that definition.
  3. The myth is that an individual will be rude and rude if he sometimes shows unwanted negation towards other people. An individual will not be rude and rude if he sometimes simply says “no” to what others expect from that person. Because every worker has the absolute right to protest against the expectations of other people and make decisions independently.
  4. The myth is that the choice of job is irreversible and once a person decides on the job he will do then he cannot change his mind. Most people (80% in America) change jobs at least once a year.
  5. The myth is that for every person there is only one type of job and one career. The fact is that there are several careers (more than one) that match the abilities and values ​​of each person.
  6. The myth is that other people know what is good and best for a certain person. The fact is that each person knows their own strengths and weaknesses and can have the best judgment. The words and opinions of other people should always be heard, but it is still a reflection of their opinions.
  7. The myth is that man is a loser if events do not happen in the desired order. It is true that life is full of unplanned and unexpected events. And obstacles are often hidden opportunities.
  8. The myth is that every man should choose between a career and a family. It is true that any person can have both a family and a career although this requires careful planning and sacrifice and prioritization, management and flexibility.
    Most people want to make the best impression on their bosses and superiors while doing their job, and give the maximum and sometimes more than that, but you should always look for the “golden mean” and not go overboard and listen to your own body. Every person has only one heart that needs to be kept healthy and functional for as long as possible.

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