New orchids are very easy to grow at home

New orchids are very easy to grow at home
The orchid family has over 22,000 species. It is considered the richest and most diverse family of flowers in the plant world. The number of varieties is practically unlimited because orchids cross easily. With great work and selection, gardeners have managed to get stronger and more resistant orchids that can be grown in any home without special care.
Flowers from the substrate
A large selection of orchids can be found that enchant with their gorgeous appearance, abundance and length of flowering. Growing methods have become easier over time. Extremely beautiful flowers delight every flower lover with their shapes and varieties. Orchids have fleshy roots capable of absorbing water vapor present in the air and water and nutrients from the substrate.
Doom of orchids due to flowering
The biggest craze for orchids was in Victorian England. Florists and flower lovers then searched for new species in the jungles of the tropics, often risking their lives to discover and document a new species of orchid. Mad collectors have literally perished trying to find rare species that will flourish in the world’s greenhouses in the 19th century.
Until recently, orchids were considered expensive flowers and today they are affordable for everyone. Katleia is the queen of orchids and dendrobium, phalaenopsis and cymbidium can be found in the rich offer. The price of orchids varies depending on the type, size of the plant and sod. Today, tropical orchids can be grown at home. They require good care, so orchid lovers need to learn a lot about growing in order for orchids to bloom beautifully and healthily. Fortunately, a lot of knowledge and advice is available online and the whole process is not demanding.
Orchids like spraying with water but spray only the leaves and not the flowers. They do not like direct light. These flowers are most pleasant on the east side of the house. The soil should be dried between two waterings.

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